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Interlace are well known for their extremely challenging, sophisticated music. In the last year, their single "Master" and album "Imago" garnered them considerable notice at home and abroad. It's nearly time once again for the Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards (SAMA), probably the region's most prestigious prize, and Interlace have been nominated in the categories of "Best Artist" and "best Song". Keep your fingers crossed for the band on 13.05.05!


IMAGO (Latin image), in the broadest sense, can have the meaning "to visualize". Interlace had a vision: to create an album that would not only be enjoyed by fans, but also by DJs and the press. Judging by the success of their single "Master", which shot to #1 in the Nordic Alternative Charts, they have managed to achieve their goal. German DJs seem to have responded in kind: the long-awaited sophomore album "Imago" claimed the top slot in the DAC (German Alternative Charts) in the 42nd week. Congratulations!

Interlace have finished work on their second album "Imago", which will be unleashed on the world this September. The band describes this complex new work as an hourlong journey, an evolution reflecting the inner struggles of humanity and the harsh reality in which we live. This process is also reflected in the artwork - a dark new masterpiece from none other than the UK's Dave McKean (Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, etc.). "Imago" is the second conceptual phase of Interlace. During "Innuendo" (aka Under The Sky / European Version), the first phase, a foetus was conceived and cloned. Now the time has come for the foetus to leave its incubator and enter the world outside. The sharp cold, the naked tile walls, the harshness of unfamiliar sounds and, somewhere beyond the blinding light...reality. At the band's website you can find four MP3s from the new album available for download. The Swedish quartet plan to release the single "Master" this August. We'll keep you posted...  

News from Sweden. After a successful tour with Suicide Commando, Interlace are back in the studio working on their new album, the follow-up to their debut album "Under The Sky" aka "Innuendo". We've had a chance to preview a few tracks and can only say that the band's complex and powerful sound has become even harder and more club-compatible. If all goes according to plan, the album should be out in April or May. We'll keep you posted!  

"Master of Horror" Akira Yamaoka is renowned for his truly unique soundtrack for the Silent Hill game series for Playstation, Xbox and PC. Often identified by his unconventional ideas of music-making and producing, another uncommon transcendence was realized when he and Swedish techno-industrial act Interlace decided to exchange remixes for their new titles. The collaboration first resulted in Interlace releasing the CD "Under the Sky" earlier this year, where Yamaoka contributed to the musical diversity by mixing his flavours of angst into the song Missing Link. Now it's time for the Japanese version of the Silent Hill 3 Soundtrack, where Interlace with their trademark of complexity and aggression have built Yamaoka's song "Rain of Brass Petals" into a lyric track with the vocals of front man Oscar Wilkenson. The text is written on Yamaoka's request, with the intention to bring forward the subtle story behind the notes. The Japanese version of the soundtrack will carry a tribute to Yamaoka by Wilkenson in the booklet as well as the special track. Akira Yamaoka met with the four members of Interlace earlier this year in Stockholm, Sweden, to exchange ideas and musical inspiration, something that affected all of them a great deal: -Yamaoka is so skilful and passionate about what he does. He communicates inspiration beyond words and language, says Wilkenson.  

Rarely have we at Dependent all been so excited about a band as we are by Interlace. "Under The Sky", the latest from this Swedish quartett, is like the musical equivalent of an M.C. Escher painting. Sub-licensed by Dependent from the Swedish Memento Materia label, this exceptional album proves that there are musical oases worth exploring outside the confines of Future Pop and distorted vocals. Interlace define their own genre somewhere in between the styles of Clock DVA, Lassigue Bendthaus and early Skinny Puppy. It's no accident that the band was nominated in the category of "Best Newcomer" at last year's Swedish Alternative Music Awards. Also worthy of note: Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka, responsible for the acclaimed horror adventure soundtracks Silent Hill 1 + 2, insisted on doing a remix for the album. Interlace - the Next Big Thing?