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Shortly before Christmas, Ivory Frequency gave their debut live performance on Greek soil at the Elfentanz Festival alongside labelmates Suicide Commando. Presented here for the first time are several exclusive live photos of the band.


Sunday, the 22nd of Decemeber will see Ivory Frequency making their live debut as part of the Elfentanz Festival. Suicide Commando will be performing their first-ever Greek concert at the festival as well. The festival begins at 18:00 at the Rodon Club in Anthes.


The Web presence of Ivory Frequency is finally online. An elaborate design and nice extras (e.g. downloadable backgrounds for Windows) make every visit to worthwhile.


The press was clearly divided into two camps when it came to Ivory Frequency's debut album "Plug-In", so we thought we'd ask you for your opinions. The results were posted in the "Ivory Frequency Reviews" thread in the Forums. It seems the album was enjoyed by some much more than by others. Congratulations once again to the winners of the review contest!


The long-awaited debut album from our newcomer Ivory Frequency should finally be out on March 25th. This Greek(!) project, the bass frequencies of whose debut single "Today" caused the untimely end of sound systems in no less than 3 clubs to date, have delivered a noteable, diverse and purely electronic debut. But don't take our word for it: in early March we'll be posting a track on the Dependent website for download.


Our newcomer Ivory Frequency has announced a mid-March release date for their debut album "Plug-In". Those familiar with Ivory Frequency's club smash "Today" should be able to imagine what the full-length might be like. One thing's for sure: "Plug-In" will be impossible to pin down to a single style.