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Mindless Faith has been named "Newcomer of the Month" by Orkus Magazine, and Zillo Magazine named "Medication For The Misinformed" its "Album of the Month"!

You can check out three free download clips of the tracks "A Blind Spot In Every Eye", "I'm Pretty Much Fucked" and "Red Lines" here. And don't forget, the album has 9 more tracks just like this...


"Medication For The Misinformed" is nothing more or less than the hottest US industrial record of the last five years. Administering the aforementioned medication is Mindless Faith, who have spent the past two years perfecting this energetic, aggressive, and apocalyptic mix of US industrial metal and high-energy trance. While stylistically reminiscent of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly and Juno Reactor, the album's sounds and programming are 100% modern. Thematically, the album is focused on the information propaganda war waged by the US administration during the so-called "War On Terror" via broadcasters like Fox, CNN and ABC.


If you think the album version of Nine Inch Nails's "Only" is just a little too rock-oriented, check out the remix Mindless Faith entered in a "just for fun" remix contest sponsored by a series of American radio stations. On Halloween, the band won the first round of competition in DC and consequently won in three other cities. Trent Reznor (NIN) commented that the Mindless Faith remix is "one of the best mixes I've heard and even better than some mixes I've paid for". To check out the remix and a teaser of new Mindless Faith material, check out the band's official website at


Mindless Faith have completed work on the album "Momentum", which will see the light of day this September. A highly diverse work, the album's mix of furious guitarwork, hard EBM, and industrial and trance elements blasts through the auditory canal like a freight train and leaves the listener speechless at the sheer power and fury of its delivery. Look for a single out this fall as well!


A bright new star has appeared in the Dependent roster...a bright new star indeed! Our latest signing will no doubt be familiar to many of you via their track "Momentum" from Septic 4, which provoked a veritable flood of praise and emails all asking the same questions: is there more? Who or what is Mindless Faith? In their native USA, the band is already well-known from their first two albums "The Silence" and "Manifest Destiny", and having several tracks aired on various MTV spots has probably not hurt their popularity. Negotiations were complicated by the fact that several other labels had recognized the band's potential; but now we are honored to welcome the extrodinarily talented Americans to Dependent Records. Their mix of electro/industrial, rock and trance blasts through the auditory canal like a freight train and leaves the listener speechless at the sheer power and fury of its delivery. The album "Momentum" is currently winging its way towards our offices in anticipation of a Septermber release. Check the band's website in preparation for the coming onslaught, and keep your eyes peeled for a possible single!