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Finally available - the new album "When I'm Dead" from Dismantled, one of the few truly original and thoughtful electro-industrial bands in existence. American Gary Zon has slowly but surely built a devoted fanbase as he has led his project away from the "harder - faster - louder" mantra of his contemporaries. On his new record, Zon deals with his ostracism from a hip, shallow music scene and its inevitable decay. At the end waits death, not the dramatic, romatic, epic Gothic-death, but simple everyday death, vanishing beneath a shroud with a band logo hanging from the toe...

You can download the full-length track "Start Digging" here.


On the last weekend in May, Dismantled will make their first ever live appearance in Europe at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.


Dismantled is at #1 (!) in both the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts)!


mp3-snippets of the new Dismantled album "Standard Issue" can be heard online courtesy of IndieMusix.


Ever since the release of "Anthem", the opening track on Septic VI (now in its 4th week in the DACs), anticipation for the new Dismantled album "Standard Issue" has been running higher than ever before. "Anthem" will also be the opening track on the album, and things only get better from there. But don't take our word for it: the latest issue of Zillo Musicmagazine says "Gary Zon has created a album that bears far more resemblance to Nine Inch Nails than to his heroes Front Line Assembly," and the album scored 7.8 out of 10 points in that magazine's Soundcheck column.

"Standard Issue" is out on 13 April in both regular and strictly limited box set editions. The digibox version contains a bonus 5-track single featuring three additional versions of "Anthem", including a remix by Rotersand.



As a result of the band's extended touring schedule, the third


album "Standard Issue", originally schedule for release in October, will be pushed back to early 2006. The current tour has included a date at the Texas QuakeCon, the world's largest LAN party with over 6,000 participants.


As part of their North American tour, Dismantled will be playing the "Quake Con" in Grapevine, Texas on 11 August. The "Quake Con" is one of the world's largest LAN parties, drawing over 6,000 participants. Dismantled is no stranger to the videogame industry; the "Breed To Death" EP includes an excellent remix by Xian Antkow, sound designer for id software (producers of Quake and Doom 3). Dismantled's third full-length, entitle "Standard Issue", is schedule for release in January 2006.


News from Dismantled. The US industrial formation headed by Gary Zon will release a new 10-track EP "Breed To Death" on 25 April. According to Zon, the CD will include remixes from Haujobb, Wumpscut, Psyclon Nine, Feed, and a cover version of the Paula Abdul (!) classic "Straight Up". The EP serves as a preview of the upcoming full-length "Standard Issue", due for a European release in August. The possibility of live appearances in Europe is currently under discussion.


News from "Crazy Ivan". Russian-born Gary Zon will soon be able to find his last album "PostNuclear" in his homeland, thanks to a deal with the Russian Soyuz label. Soyuz will also be licensing a release each from Seabound, Covenant, and VNV Nation. In the meantime, Gary is hard at work on his third album "Standard Issue", due out sometime next year. Three instrumental mixes are available for download from the band's official website


Dismantled are heading out on their first major tour, featuring Adrian White (former live drummer for Frontline Assembly/Delerium), to promote their new album "PostNuclear", released this February via Metropolis in the US and Dependent in Europe. Check out the live dates here.


Check out for a chance to remix "The Swarm", a track from Dismantled's most recent album. It's as easy as 1-2-3: just download the MIDI file and remix kit, create your masterpiece, send it as a .zip file to Gary Zon and then...wait and hope! The best remix will (tentatively) see release on the 2nd single to be taken from the album, providing the winner with an excellent opportunity to showcase her talent to a wider audience. So what are you waiting for??


The biggest surprise of the year thus far would have to be the praise for Dismantled's neweset album "Post Nuclear": Artist of the Month in DNASIX, Zillo Soundcheck winner, etc. Our congratulations go out to Gary!


An interesting tidbit for the videogame freaks: Track 3 on the newest single - "Shift" (Remix By Feed) - is the work of none other than Christian Antkow from ID Software, who is currently hard at work on the first-person shooter "Doom 3". Rumors of DISMANTLED's involvement with the game's soundtrack cannot be confirmed at this time, but we can tell you that "Post Nuclear", the second album from Gary Zon, will be out in February 2004. Stay tuned...


Album of the Month in Zillo, Orkus, AND Sonic Seducer. Newcomer of the Year at It'd be hard to tell Gary Zon, mastermind behind Dismantled, that his debut album was a flop. But there was a certain amount of grumbling from some corners that the self-titled debut bore more than a passing resemblance to the Front Line Assembly sound of yore. In reponse, Gary has spent over a year working on his new album, allowing himself to take influence from new sources, and the material he's delivered - while still unmistakeably DISMANTLED - showcases a more diverse and mature sound. The first taste from the new album "Post Nuclear" will be the single "Exit", due out this February. While it features plenty of complex and convoluted soundscapes, the album contains some songs you might not have expected: undistorted vocals, gentle pianos, and BPMs below the Beatminister's Recommended Mininum of 100. Watch for the single this November!