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Chrysalide talk about a Revolution: Personal Revolution out on October 10th 2014

Some of the best hidden secrets of the industrial scene are starting to go overground soon. And it was with a big grin that automatically showed in our faces when we first listened to the master of Chrysalides new album “Personal Revolution”. Not only did the album have BALLS, like its predecessor “Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life”, it also had a lot of high quality club contenders. So this sonic package that the threesome around the brothers Syco Trauma and Arco Trauma does not only radiate an enormous selfconsciousness and boldness, but also a unique and individual style. While the previous Chrysalide Albums where clearly inspired by the likes of Skinny Puppy, Chrysalide are now relying on their own style and inspiration. And even if “Personal Revolution” has more song-oriented tracks, there is still enough uncompromising aggressiveness here to deliver some serious punches to body and brain. This is the sound that fans of experimental Industrial and Electronic Body Music could probably find a middle ground on, that should please both. And for the dark electronic music scene, this record is a much-anticipated lift for both, face AND spirit, a little revolution actually.

And inspiring a revolution is exactly what this album is about: A revolution that centres not around a random group of people, but one’s individual self.  After all, the 21st century has already ultimately disappointed us: “The Century of all crisis: political, economical, ecological, moral and individual.To sum up: This world is totally fucked up!” (quote from the albums intro “Welcome To The 21st Century”.)
This soon-to-be-classic is released on October 10th 2014 in two versions: a standard 4 page Digipack and booklet, or the Rise Edition, a 48 page hardcover book, exclusively limited to 500 copies, with extensive Bonus CD. Preorders are available NOW: Personal Revolution Standard Edition / Personal Revolution Rise Edition

Personal Revolution Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




Covenant bring the light … to Mera Luna; announcing their brightest lightshow ever: Bring your sunglasses

This weekends performance of Covenant on the renowned M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim is supposed to be something special, as it is the bands only open air festival this summer. So Covenant thought about how they can make the show something special, and have decided to join with Stefan Aue, one of Germany’s most renownwed lighting designers, to deliver their brightest show ever. The swedes promise a battalion of the brightest light effects available in the market. Eskil Simonsson’s way of putting it: “This is probably going to be our brightest lightshow EVER. Bring Your Sunglasses.”



A great honour: Covenant receive Swedish music industry award!

Last summer, Synth icons Covenant release their eighth studio album „Leaving Babylon“, which directly entered the German charts and saw the band’s new line-up on an extensive European tour. Now they go back for seconds and get the icing on the cake, so to say: „Leaving Babylon“ has just been chosen „Album of the Year 2013“ by the Swedish independent music industry!

Visibly touched, new member Daniel Jonasson (Ex-Dupont) accepted the award in place of the entire group. The Video (in Swedish) from the presentation is definitely worth watching – this is a translation from parts of the speech:

„It is not only an honour but also a confirmation of the fact that passion, perseverance and thoroughgoingness eventually pay off. It is important to have a dream and be brave enough to actually take it serious. This is really a big thing. Of course, you also need the ambition and a certain amount of luck, but the key to success lies in follwing through with what you do. This is something that holds true for us all, notwithstanding the type of music we have decided on.



Old heroes’ return: Click Click release a new album!

It has been a long time, but finally, English Electro visionaries Click Click have finished studio work on their new material, which will now undergo mastering! „Those Nervous Surgeons“ will be the successor to the album „Shadowblack“ from 1997 and is scheduled for release in Mai or June – for collectors, of course, also as a limited edition format! After the 7 Track EP „Skin And Bones“ three years ago,, which also featured some new songs, brothers Derek and Adrian Smith eventually up the ante with another full length. „Drone“, the first impression of the new album, already shows that Click Click stay true to their unique style between dark EBM and atmospheric, Eighties-oriented Wave even three decades after their initiation, thus effortlessly adding to their success story. You can listen to the song here, more details with respect to the release will follow soon!



Seabound: on tour with their new album and first class support acts!

Last Friday, on Februar 14, 2014, Seabound released „Speak In Storms“, their first studio album in seven years. The duo has audibly benefited from the break, because hardly ever did Frank M. Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt sound so mature and refined.

Yet April will see the next highlight: a European tour with their American friends, the Electro Pop act Iris! This synthetic double feature is not to be missed. Those who can’t have enough variety should be particularly pleased with the last two gigs of the tour when sound genius Daniel Myer will replace Iris as a special guest with Architect! Tickets are available now, and these are the dates in detail:

Seabound – Speak In Storms Tour 2014

With Special Guest Iris * or Architect #

10.04.14 Oberhausen (GER) Zentrum Altenberg*
11.04.14 Leipzig (GER) K3 Lounge*
12.04.14 Frankfurt (GER) Nachtleben*
13.04.14 Braunschweig (GER) MeierMusicHall*
14.04.14 Berlin (GER) Comet Club*
16.04.14 Hamburg (GER) Kaiserkeller*
17.04.14 Malmö (SWE) Inkonst*
20.04.14 * Sheffield (UK) Resistanz Festival
25.04.14 Nürnberg (GER), Rockfabrik#
26.04.14 Saarbrücken (GER), Kleiner Klub# 



New Seabound Album “Speak In Storms” will come in two limited editions

Speak In Storms
February 14 will see the European release of “Speak In Storms,” the long awaited fourth studio album by Seabound, and potentially one of the first electronic highlights this year. We at Dependent were so impressed with the quality of the music and the artwork by Nico J. (Acretongue) that we decided to release not one, but two limited editions, each with different versions of the artwork.

 The first edition, simply titled “Limited”, will be a double digipack version with a bonus CD featuring the exclusive Seabound song “When She’s Hungry” plus album track remixes from Iris, Steril and Dead When I Found Her. The second limited edition is called “Tempest Edition” and will be limited to 300 copies only. It will feature both the album CD as well as a bonus remix CD and will come in a beautiful 48 page hardcover booklet, including extra artwork, plus two texts from singer Frank Spinath linked to the album title “Speak In Storms.”

Collectors should be fast on their feet! Both products will be available at the Dependent Shop as long as supplies last. Additionally, we just released a Videoteaser for the new album, including the song “Contraband”.



Pride And Fall: remix contest spawns limited single

It was originally meant to be a small remix contest for fans when Pride And Fall made a remix kit from their track „Turn The Light On“ and uploaded it to their website, but within a few weeks onkly, fans, Djs and friends from other bands handed in about 30 mixes, some quite charming and others pure rubbish, yet the top three turned out to be a real treat.

The winners are Ukrainian Electro duo Ginger Snap5, who have already shown their qualities as remixers for other groups and deliver an extraordinary club-smasher. Still, ranks two and three are almost just as great: Ruined Conflict an EBM Trance duo from the US, and the DJ team Ricardo String feat. E.r.r.A. Offer remixes of Pride And Fall's Track which are equally compatible with the clubs.

We like these top three so much that Dependent and Pride And Fall will release a single of „Turn The Light On“, which is limited to 500 copies. Apart from the contest winners, there will be another remix by Pride And Fall themselves.

The release date will be announced soon.



Click Click: “Those Nervous Surgeons” album about to be completed

English Electro pioneers Click Click are about to finish their new studio album „Those Nervous Surgeons“. The project run by brothers Adrian and Derek Smith has succeeded in reviving the sombre atmosphere of their earlier material. „“We have come full circle with this material“, says drummer Derek Smith who has worked on the album in Luton alongside Adrian during the last six months – thus the title, because „Those Nervous Surgeons“ is the name of the duo's furst musical project prior to Click Click. Lovers dark retrospective Electro-sounds with a unique ambience will love it. The album is roughly scheduled for spring 2014, but there will be some audio snippets in advance ...



Seabound deliver the finishing touches on their new album "Speak In Storms"

Seabound - Speak in Storms.jpg


After a full seven years of absence, Seabound are finally delivering their new Studio album “Speak In Storms”. The dark electronic duo consisting of Frank Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt were forced into “standby mode” because of Martin moving to the United States in 2008.

However, the band started again two years ago, exchanging their musical achievements over the internet, and are almost done with their new album titled “Speak in Storms”. Despite the unvoluntary break, “Speak In Storms” is possibly Seabound’s strongest effort to date. It is cohesive, with the ominous tension started in early tracks like “For Life” and “Contraband.” The tension keeps building through to the danceable “Everything,” which seems to be a deep exhalation of breath, a release. The relief is short lived, as “Lair” builds once again from the darker atmospherics, taking the listener once again into the moody world of Seabounds depths. Speak in Storms is a compelling piece of work; it’s the sound of broken dreams, of loss and anger, and, of course, love.

When asked to comment on the works result, singer Frank simply said: “It is a Seabound Album.”



Covenant launch phase two of the „Leaving Babylon“ rocket


Covenant are announcing a next limited edition single of their current album release “Leaving Babylon”, which – despite popular competition - still ranks nr. 1 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC) this week. The single track will be Ignorance & Bliss, one of the strongest tracks of the record yet. Apart from the usual A-side mix by Covenant, some very high profile remixers are working on the track as we speak. Phase two of the rocket launch commences in March 2014. 


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