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MESH working on new album!

A short behind the scenes video clip showing Mark Mark Hockings in his home studio working on a possible new MESH track is now available:



Suicide Commando conquers the USA!

Requested for many years, now finally the waiting is over!
After highly successful stops at Kinetik - Canada last year and Russia earlier this year, now it’s time to conquer the US with a strictly limited number of exclusive live shows.
This fall Suicide Commando finally will cross the ocean to do shows in Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles (2 shows including one highly exclusive vintage set only playing old material from the first 2 albums!) and Denver!
Yes, only 6 (!) shows, not more, not less … first and last and perhaps never again!
So don’t miss this unique occasion to catch the real godfather of harsh electro who bombed us with numerous clubhits like “Hellraiser”, “Cause Of Death: Suicide”, “Bind Torture Kill” , "Evildoer", "Love Breeds Suicide", ...

The Tourdates:
Oct. 12th Starlight Ballroom - Philadelphia
Oct. 13th Elysium - Austin
Oct. 15th El Corazon - Seattle
Oct. 17th Complex - Los Angeles *
Oct. 19th Das Bunker - Los Angeles
Oct. 20th City Hall/Main Room - Denver
* (exclusive vintage set, the only show in the USA ever !)



Velvet Acid Christ - Cover and tracklist confirmed!

September 14 will see the release of the new Velvet Acid Christ Album "Maldire".
Both, cover artwork and tracklist are confirmed now and pre-orders are available at our shop! Pre-listening clips will follow soon.

The tracklisting:
01. Evoked / 02. Septic Rinse / 03. Bend The Sky / 04. Wasted / 05. Hyper Curse / 06. Ominous Rattle /
07. Maldire / 08. Christ Whore / 09. Inhale Blood / 10. Dream Curse / 11. Mysteric



Skinny Puppy and KMFDM at the German Alternative Charts!

This week the new Skinny Puppy album "Live - Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas" climbed at the German Alternative Charts (DAC) straight to number two! Read press quotes on the album here. XL extensive audio samples from "Live - Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas"  you still find here and orders are available at our shop!
Also the KMFDM single "Amnesia" is still in a good position at the DAC, this week at #5.
Here you will find the video clip of the title track and also XL extensive audio samples. Orders are available at our shop.



New Dismantled EP comes in September!

The new Dismantled EP "Whole Wide World" is to be released September 7 in Europe via Dependent. The EP will contain new unreleased tracks and mixes, e.g. the new song "Deal" with guest vocals by Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine and the winner of the "Disease" remix contest.
On his last Dismantled album "The War Inside Me“ in 2011, Gary Zon explored genius, madness, and the ever so thin line that separates one from the other. Much to everyone’s surprise, the album sounded like the missing link between the brilliantly bleak "Post-Nuclear“ and the sarcastic, club-ready "Standard Issue“.
The title track of the new EP - which is already known by the "Dependence 2012" compilation album - sounds like Gary Zon is feeling a bit more gracious these days. The signature Dismantled blend of gloom and sarcasm is still evident, but the hatred and aggression that in large part characterized "The War Inside Me“ seems to have given way to somewhat more accessible structures.
Also stylistically diverse remixers like Empty, God Module and Clicks! open new aspects and moods of the original tracks.
The tracks so far: Whole Wide World / Deal (feat. Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine) / Disease (Sleepless Mix by Empty)  / The Bullets From Your Eyes (instrumental) / Kill Or Be Killed (Feed Remix) / Disease (Contagious Remix by God Module) / The Whore Inside Me (Clicks! Remix) / Disease (Fuckme Remix by Noonatic) / Whole Wide World (instrumental)
Pre-listening clips will be available soon.



Skinny Puppy Live Album now available!

Today marks the release of the new official live album "Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas" from Canadian electro-industrial legends Skinny Puppy.
Their live concerts are powerful, uncompromising and organic (in both senses) - in short, an experience not easily put into words. Their new live album was recorded in Warsaw, Bratislava, Hildesheim and Budapest during their last European tour, appearing on CD exactly as it arrived at Ken Marshall's soundboard: Skinny Puppy live, pure and unadulterated.

Orkus Magazine gives the record "9.5/10 points. On `Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas´ Skinny Puppy present themselves to the public rough and unpolished. The atmosphere is a perfect match to the songs and gives the listener the feeling of being right there in the middle of the show."
Not that this comes at the expense of audio quality, given Skinny Puppy's 30-year reputation as gear fanatics extraordinaire. Medienkonverter suggests that listeners "prepare to sit down and be amazed by the energy and pure madness that erupts from the speakers. It's like being live at the concert the songs were recorded at. Dependent have certainly delivered on their announcement that this album is an absolutely genuine and authentic live pleasure."

Here you also can listen to all tracks of the album via extra long audio snippets and special price orders are available at our shop.



Seabound live on European stages in July

Seabound are still working on their fourth studio album. We neither have a working title for you, nor can we give you any details regarding a release schedule thus far. But a first new track from the German electro duo called "The Escape"  has been released on the compilation "Dependence 2012" and the band has already confirmed a few live shows for this summer:
July 19    Berlin, K 17, GER
July 21    Köln, Tanzbrunnen (Amphi Festival), GER
July 22    London, Camden Underworld, UK
July 27    Moscow, P!PL, RUS
July 28    Plovdiv, Stage 51. BG



Decoded Feedback - New album now available!

As of today, the new album "disKonnekt" from Canadian electro-industrial duo Decoded Feedback is available in stores.

The press have already heard the album and Sonic Seducer writes "Hard, dark atmospheres still dominate these catchy old-school burners. Lots of new features but a typical work for the duo: the right decision at the right time!" Reflections of Darkness awarded the album 9/10 points, Bodystyler finds that "despite the melodic nest provided by the electronics, darkness ultimately pervades. Overall, a beautiful, eerie and inspirational release" and Orkus writes "The real trick is that, in spite of its musical diversity, 'disKonnekt' works as a cohesive piece and it's great fun to listen to Decoded Feedback at their creative peak."

Devoted to the unfortunately widespread themes of alienation and angst at the core of our modern society, "disKonnekt" showcases Decoded Feedback at the top of their musical game, pairing their trademark aggressive sound with the passionate melodies fans have come to expect. Anticipated club hits ("Night Terror", "Another Loss", "It's You" and "Mescaline") are joined by ballads ("Heart Of Stone", "The Devil You Know"), Future Pop
("Blood Red Moon"), a homage to the cult sci-fi film "Blade Runner" and a spectacular guest appearance by Leaether Strip's Claus Larsen on "Soultaker".

Below you will also find the free download of the full track "Slaughter" as a taster.
Here you also can listen to all tracks of the album via extra long audio snippets and special price orders are available at our shop.



Decoded Feedback and Skinny Puppy - Full songs from upcoming releases for free download!

To give you a taster of the current Dependent releases which you should not miss, for a limited period we're giving away full songs as high quality mp3 for free download!

The first free song is "Slaughter" by Decoded Feedback, taken from their upcoming album "disKonnekt", which is to be released in Europe on June 8.
With the immanent release of their 8th studio album, the Canadian Decoded Feedback are either old-timers or seasoned heroes – depending on your point of view. Driving electro-industrial basslines paired with crisp synths and somber vocals once again form the basic structure of the band's next release. In the wake of their successful 2010 album  "Aftermath" and a 2011 tour of Germany supporting Covenant, Marco and Yone spent this past winter putting the finishing touches on their latest full-length "disKonnekt", an album some two years in the making. On "disKonnekt" Decoded Feedback delve into the complex relationship between man and machine, and consider how virtual environments can disconnect us from the real world.
Here you will find the free download of "Slaughter".
Here you also can listen to all tracks of the album via extra long audio snippets.

The second free track is the classic Skinny Puppy song "Worlock", recorded live at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany. This recording is to be released on the upcoming Skinny Puppy Live album "Live - Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas", to be released June 15, which features the band in top form at their latest European tour. The album contains also other big Skinny Puppy hits like “Dead Lines”, Addiction” and “Assimilate”, just to name a few. Unlike so many other live albums, there is no editing magic or trickery. These are the songs as they were played: captured from the soundboard by Ken ‘Hi-Watt’ Marshall. Ogre’s powerful vocal performances coupled with cEvin Key’s synth modulations and sound manipulations and the machine-precise drums of Justin Bennet make this a stunning testimony to the power of this legendary act.
Here you will find the free download of "Worlock" [Hildesheim].
And here you also can listen to all tracks of the album via extra long audio snippets.



KMFDM - Amnesia Single now at stores!

Now available at your store, "Amnesia" the new single from KMFDM.
"Amnesia" includes 3 remixes of 3 different songs, one brand new exclusive song and the album version of “Amnesia” as well, for a total of 5 tracks, providing almost 25 minutes of music. All of the remixes found on Amnesia come from material originally on KMFDM’s 2011 album "WTF?!".

KMFDM’s founder and leader, Sascha K. takes point with his remix of “Amnesia”, a club/electro rework with a hefty stomp that is guaranteed to have lovers of the Ultra-Heavy-Beat reporting to the dancefloor in record numbers. Norway’s industrial-orchestral act Morlocks threw a CD onstage while KMFDM was playing at a festival in Germany. Since then they have become one of Sascha K.’s favorite new bands and have been called on here to work their strange brand of magic on last year’s single "Krank”, giving it a total revamp. Finally, Rotersand have a go at the explosive takeover track "Come On - Go Off".
The release’s brand-new and exclusive song “I (Heart) You” finds KMFDM taking their industrial grinder to the synth-pop/future-pop sound. The results are, as one would expect, uniquely KMFDM.

Here you will find XL extensive audio samples from "Amnesia" and orders are available at our shop!


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