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Front Line Assembly and Dismantled gearing up for US Tour!

Front Line Assembly prepare for their first North American tour in four years. On this tour they will get support by Dismantled!

The 25-stop North American tour will kick off on May 15th in Canada (followed by a performance at Montreal's Festival Kinetik on May 19th), then across the US through June 13th. In addition to Dismantled, Cyanotic and DJ Acucrack will also be supporting.

"We're quite excited," FLA co-founder and industrial music veteran Bill Leeb says of the new tour. "We feel we have grown as a band over the last four years. We really feel this new album ("Improvised.Electronic.Device.") will sound great live and can't wait to get out there and be creative with it!" Leeb will be joined onstage by the band's live lineup of Jeremy Inkel, Jared Slingerland, and Jason Bazinet.

Dismantled will already perform material from their upcoming album "The War Inside Me", which is to be released in June in Europe by Dependent. Mastermind Gary Zon about the album: "This is so much more than just an album for me, it's my life. I couldn't say that with any album I've done, but now living in a rehearsal space in downtown Lost Angeles, right inside the cracks of its diseased, urban sprawl has inspired me to take my art to levels never experienced before. The music is just the beginning, and the album artwork will be the first piece of the nightmare."



Seabound is working on a new album!

While you haven't heard much from Seabound in the last year, we finally have some updates for you. Seabound have started working on their fourth studio album. We neither have a working title for you, nor can we give you any details regarding a release schedule thus far. All we can say is that the first larger studio sessions are already finished, and that the first songs are near completion. We will keep you in the loop!



SKOLD - European album release - Only one week to go!

Only one week to go till “Anomie” the new solo album by the former Marilyn Manson co-producer and KMFDM comrade Tim Skold is to be released in Europe (Friday 20th is the day).
The press has already heard the new SKOLD album and proclaims:

"Well worth the wait? Absolutely! Teased for almost 2 years now and 15 years since his debut, `Anomie´ is a brilliant return ... If you ever thought Tim Skold was a one-trick industrial metal pony then `Anomie´ is just the album to prove you wrong."
  - PopBlerd

"This is a record well worth remembering, every stamp Skold has ever placed on record has been massive, hopefully this is the beginning of an incredible new era for Tim Skold as his solo record “Anomie” places his new music in the foreground, establishing his column in the guitar legend pantheon as well and making a record for himself that rocks harder than all others." 
- Crossroads Music

"Album of the month!"  -
Sonic Seducer, Germany

"Today there are many bands where the talent of their members and their production acolytes combined doesn’t even halve the one Skold possesses alone. This album was a pure joy to listen to, I found myself surprised by unexpected songs which give a huge breadth and depth to the whole album. This CD deserves to become a classic. Don’t miss it! 10 of 10 points."  - Reflections Of Darkness

"Fans of modern industrial sounds and the ever progressing hybrid style should lap this up."
  - Soundsphere Mag

But form your own opinion. Pre-listening audio-clips of the half of the "Anomie" tracks are available at the Dependent player, you can start right here.
Also streamed you will find two video clip teasers containing shots of the CD-artwork.

And here you can easily order your copy of the SKOLD "Anomie" full-length CD-album.



KMFDM - The charts and the tour

KMFDM´s latest single "Krank" remains at # 5 for what is now its seventh week in that position and ninth week overall on the German Alternative Single Charts. It also spends its 8th week on both the US Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart (high position # 15) and the US Billboard Top 25 Dance Singles Chart (high position # 3).
Meanwhile the album "WTF?!" also has been released, so stay tuned for what happens next.

Also the first live-dates of the upcoming European Tour have been confirmed:
26.10.2011 - Paris, France / 27.10.2011 - Beauvais, France / 28.10.2011 - Nantes, France / 29.10.2011 - Montauban, France / 30.10.2011 - Montbeliard, France / 31.10.2011 - Lyon, France / 01.11.2011 - Cannes, France / 02.11.2011 - Montpellier, France / 04.11.2011 - Lyss, Switzerland / 08.11.2011 - Southhampton, UK / 09.11.2011 - Nottingham, UK / 10.11.2011 - Manchester, UK / 11.11.2011 - Dublin, Ireland / 12.11.2011 - Glasgow, UK / 13.11.2011 - London, UK



Mesh has returned from successful US Tour!

Mesh are back in Europe from their 20-date tour with DE/Vision and Iris through the United States, which was a great success.
Most fans assure that Mesh has blown all away. Even without all the stage production from the Euro tour, they still rock better than almost anyone else out there. Liz Ohanesian from West Coast Sounds wrote "Despite a history dating back to the mid-1990s, British band Mesh hadn't toured the U.S. before now. Their sound is a little harder than one might expect from a synthpop group, a little closer to the EBM side of the electronic music. The combination of the anticipation surrounding the performance and the band's heavy-hitting dance beats brought the already great energy in the room up another notch."

Now, only two weeks to go till “An Alternative Solution”, the new Mesh release will hit the shelves.
Fans and collectors shall look for the limited first pressing, also containing a bonus CD with additional remixes and rare tracks.
Here you can listen to xl-audio-snippets from “An Alternative Solution” in advance.
Here you already can pre-order your copy of  the limited edition of "An Alternative Solution".


What The Fuck?!

Never one to shy away from asking the tough questions, KMFDM gives voice to the inquiry that is on everyone’s lips in these twisted times - "WTF?!" ."WTF?!" features 11 brand new songs and all in all Käpt’n K. and his Kadets provide over 50 minutes of guaranteed musical mayhem on this new release. "WTF?!" was conducted, as always, by KMFDM founder, leader and vocalist Sascha K. who believes this is his most powerful and dominate sonic statement to date. 


The Blackvector Magazine writes "... a great album with a strong vocal performance and production. For all die hard KMFDM fans this maybe is yet another masterpiece from the band ...",  the COMA Music Magazine praises "this album is breathtaking" and Reflections Of Darkness writes "`WTF?!’ is a sure must-have not only because it’s from the mainstays of Industrial scene, but because it’s fucking great!" 

But form your own opinion – Here you can listen to long snippets of all 11 tracks and here you can easily get your own copy of the CD album.

And if you like, you can leave your personal opinion in the official KMFDM youtube Channel where the Käpt´n calls:  "To fans and friends of KMFDM, our new album asks the question "What The Fuck?" and we want to hear your answers!.“



KMFDM On Billboard Charts Once Again!

Short and sweet:

KMFDM - "Krank": Billboard Top Dance  #18
KMFDM - "Krank": US Top Singles-0verall Chart at #94

Check out the single by yourself here.
You already can pre-order your copy of the upcoming new KMFDM album "WTF?!" here.



SKOLD - "Suck" single enters Billboard Charts!

Straight after it´s release the new SKOLD single "Suck" has entered the Billboard Top Dance Charts at #11



Edge Of Dawn video clip now available!

Attention collectors and fans! As announced, the video clip for the song "Lucid Dreams" from Edge Of Dawn is now available in full resolution!
You will find the clip on the bonus DVD of the current edition of the German magazine Nachtaktiv. The 180-page print magazine in German language also contains news and stories about Mesh, KMFDM, Fractured, Dismantled, SKOLD, Edge Of Dawn and many others.
You can watch the Edge Of Dawn clip in lower web-resolution in advance right here.
Since we know, this only temporarily available German magazine is hard to find in your country, we now offer the mag in our shop, too! You will find it here.


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