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Latest releases storming The Charts!

Metropolis Records announced KMFDM's newest single "Krank" has hit #15 on the US Billboard Single Charts!

"Krank" also made #5 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) this week!

Regarding the DAC there is a further great news: "Dependence 2011" this week climbed to #2 of the album charts!



KMFDM are back! New single "Krank" now available!

The first release of the Electro-industrial legends KMFDM on Dependent is the high-energy cocktail "Krank“ (German for „sick“) and also the band’s first single in over nine years The single will feature the title track in three versions, including remixes from Skold and Komor Kommando, along with two versions of the b-side „Day Of Light“. Out on 10 March and the cover artwork will naturally be handled by longtime KMFDM collaborator Brute!
The single is now available and can be ordered here at our shop, too.





Edge Of Dawn present "Lucid Dreams" video, based on a true story

"Anything That Gets You Through The Night“ was the unusual title of the second album from Edge of Dawn, the collaboration between producer Mario Schumacher and Seabound singer/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath. Released at the end of May 2010 to praise from press and fans alike, the album spent multiple weeks at the top of DAC charts.
One of the high points of the album is the song "Lucid Dreams“, for which a video was filmed in early 2011. Edge Of Dawn singer Frank M. Spinath explains the story told in the song: “During my US tour with Seabound and Iris in Spring 2008 I heard a lot of different stories, some of them downright unsettling. One story in particular I found so fascinating that I eventually wrote it down, and out of that came the lyrics to “Lucid Dreams“.
A friend of mine was at a club and was approached by two attractive women who, under the auspices of taking him to a private party, got him into their car. In the car, together with the two women, was an unknown driver. After a short drive they picked up a rather grim and silent figure in a hooded sweatshirt who didn’t say a word. After a long drive, the group arrived at the rather distant locale where the party was apparently taking place, which turned out to be a desolate and solitary house. At this point, my friend became seriously concerned about his well being, and began to imagine that he was a pawn in some kind of foul plot. He eventually managed to escape through a bathroom window and ran for his life, hiding out for several hours in a cornfield until daybreak. This is an absolutely true story and so vividly did my friend relate to me his experience that I could do nothing but set it to lyrics, which contain some lines exactly as he told them to me, and many details of the original story.“

Now you can see the visual interpretation of Edge Of Dawn´s  “Lucid Dreams“ by American director Steffan Schulz here.
Those interested in a high-resolution version of the clip should make sure to grab next  issue (April 21) of the German Nachtaktiv magazine, which will include the ”Lucid Dreams“ video on an accompanying DVD.



Both new Dependent compilations now available!

"The Past" meets "The Future": Now, both Dependent compilations "Dependent Club Anthems" and "Dependence 2011" are available and both at a special low price!
The two compilations could equally be subtitled as "For Beginners" and "For Professionals", as "Dependent Club Anthems" contains all of Dependent's biggest club hits of the past decade including  "Leiermann" by Covenant, "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy" by Rotersand, "Stand Up" by Stromkern, the Suicide Commando classic "Hellraiser" and many more.
If "Dependent Club Anthems" provides an overview of the label's past, "Dependence 2011" is a glimpse of the future, showcasing samples from Dependent releases of the next months and beyond such as the new MESH remix album, tracks from newcomers Encephalon and Clicks!, and unreleased tracks and remixes from Front Line Assembly, Stromkern, Edge Of Dawn, Dismantled, and many more.

The complete tracklistings and xl-audio-snippets of both compilations you will find here:
                          "Dependent Club Anthems"                        "Dependence 2011"       

And here you will also find a short term offer: Get your copy of 
"Dependence 2011" plus a limited edition Dependent label-shirt for a very special price



New Mesh album release confirmed for May!

"A Perfect Solution", the latest album from MESH was surely one of the highlight releases of recent years. The boys from Bristol showcased both their club and alternative influences, creating a masterpiece caught between accessible beauty and bitter melancholy. Up next is "An Alternative Solution", a remix album with several unusual characteristics.
We didnt want to have big bands as remixers, but just friends we know personally, and who we know like our music, and with whom we have a relationship, says Mesh singer Mark Hockings. The status of the remixers was secondary, the important thing was that the mixes were good. A friend will do a better mix for you than someone who is just getting a little cash for it.
The results speak for themselves, then many of the mixes stand up to the original versions, without ripping the original song completely out of its musical context. All eleven tracks from "A Perfect Solution" get the remix treatment here, and the remix album retains the original´s track order as well. In spite of its unconventional approach, Mesh have assembled an illustrious lineup of remixers from friendships built up over the bands 15 year history, including Iris, Portion Control, Zeromancer, Parralox, and Assemblage 23.

"An Alternative Solution" is to be released May 20th. Fans and collectors shall look for the limited first pressing, also containing a bonus CD with additional remixes and rare tracks.

Here you already can pre-order your copy of "An Alternative Solution".

Here is the full tracklisting of the limited first edition, containing the bonus CD:

disc 1
01. If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Remix) / 02. Only Better (Mechanical Cabaret Bi-Polar Mix)  / 03. Everything I Made (Robin Gigla Remix) / 04. Is It So Hard? (Remixed by Iris feat. Julia Beyer) / 05. Hold It Together (Daniel Myer Renegade of Noise RMX) / 06. It's Gone (SMP Deathproof Mix) / 07. How Long (Assemblage 23 Remix) / 08. Who Says? (Inuition's Alternate Solution Mix) / 09. Hopes, Dreams (Parralox Remix) / 10. Want You (Restraining Order Mix by Informatik) / 11. The Bitter End (Portion Control 'Grind' 70BPM Version) 
disc 2
12 Only Better (Alien6 Remix) / 13 Everything I Made (Kloq Remix) / 14 Save Everyone / 15 Hold & Restrain (Olafs Vinyl Version) / 16 How Long (Mesh Full Duration Pump Mix)  / 17 How Long (samEDIT Perpetual Mix) / 18 The Bitter End (Celluloide Version Hexagonale)



KMFDM album tracklisting finalized!

There's no turning back now...the new KMFDM album "WTF?!" is mastered and at the plant. The final tracklisting gives a good idea of what we're in for on 29 April:

01.Krank / 02. Come On - Go Off / 03. Rebels In Control / 04. Lynchmob / 05. Take It Like A Man / 06. Vive La Mort! / 07. Dystopia / 08. Panzerfaust / 09. Spectre / 10. Amnesia / 11. Death & Burial Of C.R. 

To shorten the wait, 11 March will see the release of the "Krank" single, featuring remixes from Sebastian Komor and SKOLD alongside the non-album-track "Day Of Light" in two different versions.
The single can be previewed here and also be pre-ordered now through the Dependent Shop here.



SKOLD on Dependent!

Has Dependent become the home of ex-Marilyn Manson guitarists? A few years ago came Rob Holiday's solo releases as Sulpher, and now Tim Skold's solo project SKOLD finds a home on the European industrial label.

Having worked with both KMFDM and Marilyn Manson, the Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Tim Skold finally returns to his original solo project SKOLD. 1996 saw the release of the first SKOLD album, released by RCA, on which Tim played all the instruments himself. After joining KMFDM in 1997 and releasing three albums, Skold continued working with Sascha Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli as MDFMK. In 2002 he joined Marilyn Manson as bassist and co-producer following the departure of longtime Manson collaborator Twiggy Ramirez, and took over in 2004 as guitarist following the departure of John 5. After Twiggy rejoined Manson in 2008, Skold returned to the reformed KMFDM, contributing to the 2009 album "Blitz" as well as the Skold vs. KMFDM album. Now, Metropolis and Dependent have signed on to release new solo material in 2011. First up is the single "Suck", featuring remixes by 16Volt, Front Line Assembly, and Combichrist, followed soon after by the first SKOLD full-length in 15 years!



Full details about forthcoming new Fractured album!

Tales of the legendary island of Atlantis, said to have sunk beneath the waves “in a single day and night of misfortune”, have been told for more than 2,400 years. No matter that it never existed, the fabled continent has been the subject of thousands of books over the centuries, a testament to the enduring power of the Atlantis myth.
Still, it is perhaps an unexpected theme to be taken up by a Canadian electro-industrial project. On the other hand, “Canadian electro” has always stood for complex and profound sounds identified with acts like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Numb and Decoded Feedback, so it’s a small step to move from complex sounds to complex themes.
This thematic challenge is taken up by Fractured on the second full-length, “Beneath The Ashes”. Anyone expecting sterile or overly convoluted sounds is on the wrong track, as this time around Fractured have incorporated a range of organic elements such as acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements to bring a new depth to their music. At times reminiscent of a soundtrack, this is a dense and compact album that never stays too long in one place, maintaining an air of tension throughout, just like an ancient continent foreshadowing its destruction. In other words, never a dull moment: club-ready electro tracks alternate with gentle ballads, always keeping the listener on her toes.
Extra large audio snippets of the album you will find here.
The album will be released on March 25th and can be pre-ordered here.



New goodies now available at our shop!

Dependent shirts in 3 sizes and also large Dependent stickers are available now. A few last FLA shirts are left from the tour.
Also you can pre-order KMFDM "Krank", the new Fractured album and the "Dependent Club Anthems" and "Dependence 2011" compilation albums.
Check out our shop here



KMFDM "WTF?!" album cover stolen from record companies website!


That was a close one: directly following the announcement of its' April release date, a few computer-savvy fans "stole" the cover art of the forthcoming KMFDM album “WTF?!” from a server of their US-based label Metropolis Records, and within minutes had leaked it onto a number of forums. The cover displays an attractive woman with a burning stick of dynamite – positioned in her cleavage.

After the initial surprise, KMFDM-head Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko realized that band and label had actually been rather lucky: “The album master was scheduled to be put on the same server just a few days later, it was fortunately still at the mastering studio in Los Angeles. Such an early leaking of this album would have been a complete catastrophe for us. Well, at least it goes well with the album title: WTF?!"

In the meantime KMFDM have also announced the remixer lineup of their forthcoming single “Krank” , to be released in Europe in the first half of March: among others, Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil, Komor Kommando) and Bill Rieflin (Revolting Cocks, Ministry) have rendered exciting mixes for "Krank". The single will also feature a rare B-side “Day Of Light”. Here you already can find audio snippets from the single and here you can pre-order your copy now.



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