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mind231-Encephalon-Psychogenesis (Infinity Edition lim. 250)


Psychogenesis (Infinity Edition lim. 250)

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Psychogenesis (regular edition)

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Various Artists

Dependence 2015

upcoming releases


Seabound and Click Click working on new material!

Seabound have started working on their fourth studio album and also Click Click recording new material. An EP shall be their first new release and the band also consider a few live shows in 2011.



Kinetik 4.0 - 4 Dependent acts already confirmed!

With Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, und System Syn already four Dependent acts are confirmed for the forthcoming Kinetik Festival from May 19 to 23 2011 in Montreal, Canada.
Further information please find here.



Flesh Field unfortunately stop all activity

The electronic/industrial duo Flesh Field best-known by their brilliant album "Strain" unfortunately will cease all further activity. In a post on the Flesh Field website Ian Ross says: "It is with both sadness and heartfelt gratitude that I must announce the retirement of Flesh Field as a musical project. As explained in previous updates, collaboration between Wendy and I has proven difficult due to distance, as has finding time to devote the attention to the project that it deserves. This inability to properly focus led to the creation of tracks that I do not view as a significant progression or improvement over our past work."




Front Line Assembly is the dual winner of the GEWC 2010 annual charts!

At the German Electronic Webcharts (GEWC) Front Line Asssembly´s "Shifting Through The Lense" made the #1 song of 2010 and the FLA album "Improvised.Electronic.Device." is now officially "The Album of the Year 2010"!



KMFDM – first single in nine years announced!

KFMDM - New Single 2011

Effective immediately, Electro-industrial legends KMFDM will be releasing new material on Dependent! The first release and the band’s first single in over nine years will be the high-energy cocktail „Krank“ (German for „sick“). The single will feature the title track in three versions, including remixes from Skold and Komor Kommando, along with two versions of the b-side „Day Of Light“. Out on 10 March and the cover artwork will naturally be handled by longtime KMFDM collaborator Brute!

Recently, KMFDM have made themselves rather scarce: starting on 10 December, in protest of the treatment of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, the band ceased all online activities at, the KMFDMofficial Twitter, as well as at MySpace and Facebook for an indeterminate period of time. In a demonstration of their solidarity and support, the band is instead streaming a brand new track „Rebels In Control (DoS Mix)“, dedicated to WikiLeaks and Assange, direct from WIthin the first 48 hours, it had already been played over 75,000 times!



Press loves the new Edge Of Dawn EP!

Stage Fright

The recently released Edge Of Dawn EP "Stage Fright" has received resounding praise from all quarters. Here are just a few examples:

"The two new tracks alone justify this release, both of the same quality as the album itself. 9 out of 10 points."
- Orkus Musikmagazin

"With this EP, Edge Of Dawn present a worthy follow-up to their highly praised album!“

"As certain as an amen in church, I’ve been certain that „Anything That Gets You Through The Night“ from Edge Of Dawn is a shoo-in for Album of the Year, and their new „Stage Fright“ EP just serves to convince me further. Clocking in at nearly 40 minutes, it provides plenty of opportunities to indulge in the allure of the album all over again.’’

- Mad-Goth

"The EP „Stage Fright“ is through and through a successful encore to the band’s last album. A recommended purchase for all fans of EDGE OF DAWN and electropop in general. Pure musical enjoyment delivered not by a thousand annoying remixes of a single song but instead a comprehensive selection of tracks."
- The Spine

"In addition, both of the new tracks maintain the high level of musical quality for which Edge Of Dawn is known. A must for all fans of good electronic mental cinema."





Fractured announce a new album for Spring 2011!

Fragtured - new album in 2011

After 5 years, the title track to the 2005 album „Only Human Remains“ continues to dominate the dancefloors at nearly every electro-industrial club.

Praised at the time of its release as visionary, „Only Human Remains“ was celebrated with accolades like „Album of the Month“ and „Newcomer of the Month“. Aside from a small number of well-received compilation appearances, all has been quiet around the Fractured camp, but all that is due to change with the release of their new longplayer „Beneath The Ashes“ on Dependent this coming March.




Further Dependent releases in early 2011

In addition to the previously announced album from Ghost & Writer, the new Fracture album and the single from KMFDM, early 2011 will also see the release of two new compilations: first, a new installment of the limited edition Dependent label compilation „Dependence 2011“, featuring brand new and unreleased material from Dependent artists, and a second compilation „Dependent Club Anthems“ which, as the name suggests, will contain the biggest clubhits by Dependent bands such as Suicide Commando, Rotersand, Covenant, Seabound, Pride And Fall, etc. etc. Finally, look for a new Dismantled album and a digital single from Veil Veil Vanish.



Unreleased tracks available as Youtube streams!

Several obscure audio clips featuring unreleased material from Dependent artists have recently found their way onto our YouTube portal and probably onto several other social networking platforms as well. Shortly after announcing their internet boycott in a show of solidarity with WikiLeaks, KMFDM posted a brand new Cervello Elettronico remix of their classic „Go To Hell“ and MINDLESS FAITH released a remix of Daft Punk’s ”Derezzed“ from the Tron Legacy soundtrack – two days before the release of the film itself!

Whether or not either of these tracks will ever appear on a proper release is unknown, but what is certain is that both are worth hearing!

KMFDM vs. Cervello Elettronico here

Tron Legacy vs. MINDLESS FAITH here



Holiday specials in the Dependent Shop!

Mesh Shop Offer

From now until the new year, the album „Dormicum“ by the Wiesbaden-based project FIX8:SED8, known to Dependent trainspotters from their fantastic contributions to the Septic VIII and IX compilations, is on special offer in the Dependent shop. Continuing in the vein of their debut „Humanophobia“, Fix8Sed8s sophomore release is similarly filled with harsh vocals over disturbing beats and characterized by a hypnotic sound that recalls classics such as Haujobb, Skinny Puppy, or Velvet Acid Christ. It is this mix of almost ambient soundscapes with driving beats and vocals which veer from aggression to melancholy which lends the compositions a curious and unique substance.

Also available at a special price for a limited time are the remaining copies of the limited Mesh „A Perfect Solution“ box set. Packed with acknowledged hits like „Only Better“, „Who Says?“ and „How Long?“, this set includes a Mesh vinyl single and a large sized photo songbook along with the album, and customers who order from the Shop will additionally receive a Mesh single of their choice.

We wish all the friends, partners, and fans of the Dependent Label  happy holidays and all the best in the New Year.


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