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DAC Charts reinfected by further SEPTIC installment!

Septic on DAC

This week the current volume of Dependent´s highly acclaimed SEPTIC Compilation series entered the German Alternative Charts (DAC) on position 2. The sampler who will get the Zillo Magazine seal "of high electronic value" in their forthcoming issue is the ninth installment in this series and again combines a wealth of fresh sounds from all corners of the EBM Electro-Industrial and Futurepop scene.
Here you will find further information including extensive prelistening clips.



The Birthday Massacre in the charts!

The Birthday Massacre

No, we don’t mean their place at the top of the DAC album charts, which the’ve held for the past three weeks, but instead the German Media Control charts, where tomorrow The Birthday Massacre’s new album „Pins and Needles“ will enter the Top 100!

With a video for „In The Dark“ in rotation on British TV and an album in the German pop charts, where will frontwoman Chibi and her band of Canadian gothic rockers strike next?

The album can be previewed online here



SEPTIC IX Compilation - Now available!

Septic IX Sampler

The new volume of the SEPTIC Compilation series now hit the shelves. The press has already heard the sampler and proclaims:

Septic IV

"These compilations you can buy a friend. Listening to it is fun, you will get a lot of new music for your money and there is always something to explore. Nice that someone still makes the effort in compiling those compilation albums."
- Medienkonverter

"Septic IX" is a must for any lover of electronic music, with the desire for new, interesting stuff. Recommended!"
-  Gothic Magazine

‘Septic IX’ once again delivers a quality mix of different styles in electronic music and with projects such as PAIL, [CELL 7] and especially the very strong COMADUSTER puts about new names adding a fresh new wind.
"Total: 8.5 / 10"

- Reflections Of Darkness




The Birthday Massacre - "Pins And Needles" now available!





The Birthday Massacre unveil new website!

The Birthday Massacre

Just in time for the release of the new album "Pins And Needles" The Birthday Massacre has redone their website and its... awesome. Go check it out by clicking here!



Front Line Assembly - New Single EP exclusively on their forthcoming tour with!

If you followed the DAC of the summer, it is striking that while the successful Front Line Assembly album "Improvised Electronic Device" and it´s single "Shifting Through The Lens" defended the leading chart positions, another FLA Title again and again has been chosen by the DJs on the singles charts: "Angriff".

This track with the German sung chorus "Kampfbereit Kameraden .." ("Ready for combat comrades ...") has emerged to a club hit. So FLA will offer at their October's tour with an exclusive limited CD single EP that contains not less than five new versions of "Attack", two previously unreleased new songs plus a radio edit.

The remixers are PROJECT PITCHFORK, Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson / KMFDM), MINDLESS FAITH, the tour colleagues and FLA by theirself.

Angriff - Front Line Assembly

The 8-track EP will only be available at the merchandise stall on the forthcoming FLA tour.

Listen to the original version of “Angriff“ here



The Birthday Massacre - Straight to the top of the charts!

The Birthday Massacre

Or, from Zero to Hero, The Birthday Massacre album "Pins and Needles" catapulted himself straight from 0 to 1 on the German Alternative Charts!

If the advance orders continue to increase, we probably will have to order the second pressing before the actual release date on 17. September. But do not worry, each copy of this great album of course will be obtained easily and in time. For the few who have not ordered yet, here are some audio samples from the album



SEPTIC IX Compilation - Prelistening excerpts “in the mix” online now. 16 minutes hottest Electro-Industrial for free!

Septic IV

Here now please find the first impressions of SEPTIC IX.
As with the previous edition of Septic [Then exercised at MySpace. Dr. Klahn has turned on his mixing desk again and created two new 16 mins mixes from XXL snippets of the SEPTIC IX album, too.
Mix Part 1 is now online and the second part (containing the other half of the SEPTIC IX audio samples) will follow next Friday. Already the week after, the sampler itself will be available at the stores and will feature all the tracks in their original running time and unmixed form.

Click here for the mix!



The Birthday Massacre - New video clip

Even now the first The Birthday Massace video clip from the new album get his final cut.

The Toronto based electro-goth-rock band whose new album "Pins and Needles" will be released September 17 in Europe through the Dependent sub-label Cellar Door, will be premiering their latest video “In the Dark” at the Festival of Fear in Toronto. (Saturday, August 28, at 5 pm in Room 206A at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre).

The clip was co-directed by the band’s guitarist/songwriter Michael Falcore and Rodrigo Gudiño, the founder of Rue Morgue (Horror in Culture and Entertainment, Canada), in a hot studio in the east end of Toronto over the course of an early July weekend. The clip will also be available here as a stream soon, so watch this space.

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SEPTIC IX compilation completed!

The latest installment in the Septic series is completed, mastered and ready to get released.

Septic IX Infectious Electro Industrial Future Pop Compilation

Street date will be September 24th and here is what you waiting for, the final tracklisting:

Various Artists - SEPTIC IX  - An Infectious Electro Industrial Future Pop Compilation Album
01   Mindless Self Indulgence - "Never Wanted To Dance" [Combichrist Electro Hurtz Mix] ***
02   Dismantled - "The Whore Inside Me" [The Remix! by Clicks!] *
03   Edge Of Dawn - "Stage Fright" [Steril Remix] *
04   Imperative Reaction - "Without" ***
05   Comaduster - "Foam Abattior" [feat. Cecil Frena] **
06   Front Line Assembly - "Attack The Masses" **
07   Rotersand - "First Time" [Club Re-Work] *
08   Decoded Feedback - "Silent Killer" [Deathrow Mix] *
09   [ cell 7 ] - "Losing My Religion" [R.E.M. Cover] **
10   Pail - "Silence" [Septic Edit] *
11   Cryo - "Hit Me Once" [Afraid Of The Mix] *
12   FÏX8:SËD8 - "Monolith" [Almost Infinite FPR Extend] *
13   Portion Control - "Amnesia" [Beta.01] ***
14   No.Not.Never - "Cold Hearted" [Paula Abdul Cover]
15   Fractured  - "Dig" *

* unreleased
** first time on CD
*** hard to find track or version

Prelistening clips will be available here soon, so watch this space.
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