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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On

mind223-Seabound-Radiant Turbulence


Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind227-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution


Personal Revolution

mind228-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)


Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




mind225-IRIS-Radiant (Complete Edition)


Radiant (Complete Edition)


Front Line Assembly – New single and new album!

Front Line Assembly At the end of May, Front Line Assembly will release the single „Shifting Through The Lens“, which will be a powerful forerunner for the upcoming album „Improvised Electronic Device“ to be unveiled this summer. Canadian Electro-geek Greg Reely (Nettwerk) and Skinny Puppy's sound engineer Ken „Hi Watt“ Marshall will be in charge of production for both. As was the case with their last album, it will also feature several guest singers, including Alan Jourgensen from Ministry author of the lyrics and mixing compositions on the song „Stupidity“. Our curiosity is killing us, but one thing is clear: The Canadian electronic legends have unleashed a storm and this one is going to be huge, really huge.


New Decoded Feedback album on Dependent!

Decoded Feedback Half a decade after the release of “Combustion”, the Canadian duo Decoded Feedback will proudly present their eighth album “Aftermath” towards the middle of may. Despite being in the 17th year of this project's existence, there is no lack of innovation or variation. This particular album boasts a strong mix, combining their typical blend of pulsing baselines and angelic synthetic melodies (“Silent Killer”, “Proteus Syndrome”) with nostalgic glimpses to the old school Dark Wave of the eighties (“Dark Reflections”, “Shelter Me”). After working on it for five years, Decoded Feedback have created a full-bodied album with superlative engineering. It is much more than just an “Aftermath”.




Edge of Dawn - Anything That Gets You Through The Night

Edge of Dawn

Edge of Dawn - Anything That Gets You Through The Night

Almost everything is fair game if it gets you through the night. A door closes, the room has no windows. It is 3:06 AM. The edge of dawn can be so far at night. “Anything That Gets You Through The Night” will make it possible to overcome such gloom. Reflected in this second opus, we will be exposed to survival under different situations and varying circumstances such as pressure, danger and lust. This album by the Edge Of Dawn duo proposes twelve rich, experimental tracks. The famous guest singer Reagan Jones from IRIS gets the ball rolling with the song “Beyond The Gate” and heralds an album which might in our opinion become one of this year's highlights.



2010-03-22 – are everywhere!

They're towering at the top of the GEWC charts and keeping music journalists busy:

“As usual, play in their own league and are nearly unrivalled in the electronic music scene. „R.E.T.R.O.“ is another pillar in an incomparable discography.”

“A truly extraordinary release from one of the most interesting contemporary electro-formations. A bridge-building from past to modern ages which shows that a good SONG will always work.”

“I think this release remains faithful to their style while it shows an evolution in song-writing and production skills. Without wishing to compare them to any other band, they're a bit like the Haujobb of the 21st century.”

“Time to breathe again for the many MIAB-fans. Despite a new concept and the year 2010, it still sounds like MIAB. “R.E.T.R.O.” will therefore increase the audience of this extraordinary band, not diminish it.”
-Sonic Seducer

We would also like to share with you a video clip of the song “8 Bits”, which sheds an unusual light on's passion for video game sounds (at least in the eyes of dark romanticists). The clip can be viewed




Ego Likeness and System Syn

Extended album snippets of the label's newcomers Ego Likeness and System Syn are now available on the Dependent website to enable you to make up your own mind regarding some of April's hot tips!



System Syn - next European release by Dependent.

System SynSpending the past several years bubbling just under the radar in the electronic music scene, their efforts were overshadowed by bigger names in the genre, especially in Europe.
Now all of that is about to change with their newest album for 2010. Strangers is System Syn’s crowning achievement, which will not be ignored! Musically, the song structures are impeccable. Sad, slow and mid-tempo tracks give way to angry and harder dance floor crashers, and as if the electronic sequences weren’t enough, live guitars and acoustic drums are sprinkled throughout the album.

Much of Strangers revolves around relationships, and for each listener the songs will hold an entirely different meaning. Words cannot begin to describe Strangers, its an album that has to be experienced first hand

The Album "Strangers" will be released in Europe on April 30th.



Edge of Dawn's second album: “Survival is the album's central theme”

Edge Of DawnThe title of Edge of Dawn's second album is “Anything That Gets You Through The Night”. Frank Spinath (Seabound) and Mario Schumacher's common album was deemed one of the scene's best releases of 2007. "And the second installment displays twelve stunning compositions that strike different balances between electronic sounds  And organic - partially even classical elements."

Singer Frank Spinath explains the title of the album “Anything That Gets You Through The Night”:

“The title purposefully allows a lot of room for association. The central theme of the album is “Survival”, but in many different situations and under conditions such as pressure, danger or lust. Everything is allowed, if it serves the purpose of surviving the night. I like the idea. What would I do? In my fantasy I see a motel room, a woman. I take a step in her direction. A door closes, the room is windowless. It is 3:06.”

Reagan Jones from Iris makes an appearance at the microphone on one track. The album should be released at the end of May.




A dark addition to the Dependent “family”: Ego Likeness

Ego Likeness-Breedless

Ego Likeness - BreedlessThe upcoming April release “Breedless” will be the 4th album of the American duo, as well as their first release on Dependent. Ego Likeness have ascended from their technoid, organic, trip-hop origins and evolved into a darker electronic dimension with each ensuing album. The earlier comparisons with bands like Curve and Collide can no longer be applied to “Breedless”, as the duo's work has taken on a much broader and darker spectrum.

“Breedless” switches between soft female chants and a much louder vocal style filled with tormented energy. Despite its variable speeds and volumes, the album is always emotionally charged, whilst the lyrics consider the darkness of our human psyche. In retrospect, it is obvious that Ego Likeness has consistently increased their standard of productivity. We affirm “Breedless”'s flawlessness.

The album will be released in the second half of April 2010 and will surprise more than one to whom Ego Likeness may still be unknown.



Mind.In.A.Box: "R.E.T.R.O." booklet includes secret code

We´ve noticed a surprisingly high demand for the Mind.In.A.Box album "R.E.T.R.O".
With its unusual concept of re-sampling the tunes of old C64 video games, the album seems to draw much attention from those who also enjoyed the snippets on There is a definite appeal to resurrecting the sound aesthetics of 1980s video games. Mind.In.A.Box. mastermind Stefan Poiss has also come up with another gift for the supporters of his project: Upon purchasing the original CD, fans will once again find an included code in the booklet, which makes it possible to discover unpublished material on the band’s webpage. There are also rumors of an exclusive video clip as part of the bonus material range.



New album announced for February

This February will see the release of a new album from "R.E.T.R.O." An homage to the era of the Commodore 64 and 1980s video games, the album will even include a few cover versions of cult classics. mastermind Stefan Poiss first locked horns with the C64 when he was just 11 during his first attempts at music making. He had no idea of the classic electronic albums like "Lost Alone", "Dreamweb", and "Crossroads" he was to create later. In a way, "R.E.T.R.O." represents a return to his earliest musical roots through the medium of modern technology.

We can't wait to hear the results!


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