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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On

mind223-Seabound-Radiant Turbulence


Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind227-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution


Personal Revolution

mind228-Chrysalide-Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)


Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)




mind225-IRIS-Radiant (Complete Edition)


Radiant (Complete Edition)


Covenant Last Dance CD

Last Dance

Finally, the wait is over! June 7th sees the release of a 6 track EP by synth-pop maestros Covenant entitled ‘Last Dance’ that serves as a perfect appetiser for their brand new album ‘Leaving Babylon’ (out in early September). Housed in beautiful digipak artwork and including a limited edition car sticker, it is limited to 3000 copies and is destined to become an instant collectors item. It will be followed three weeks later by a red vinyl 7” single containing ‘Last Dance’ and an exclusive remix of the song by Dupont that is limited to 500 copies. Your can order the single here.



Dependent releases the new Front Line Assembly Album „Echogenetic“ in July

„Heads up“ for fans of rough electronics: After Front Line Assembly gave Industrial Metal a potent upgrade with their last studio Album “Improvised Electronic device”, its successor takes a whole new turn. Band Leader and industrial Icon Bill Leeb often said they would deliver a purely electronic Album in the vein of old FLA cult records as Caustic Grip or Tactical Neural Implant. Now they are coming through with the promise. "Echogenetic" is an upgraded version on the most successful electronic releases and includes high octane dancefloor grenades like “Killing Floor” or “Exhale” as well as pure electronic epicness like “Exo”  or the heavy and percussive “Prototype”. The album is bound to be released in July and just one month later, FLA team up with Haujobb to rupture European stages. Rumours have it, that the band is also planning an additional limited collectors version of the album in heavy vinyl.



Covenants new campaign kicks off: The predecessor of LEAVING BABYLON is called LAST DANCE E.P.

Last Dance

The new Covenant album LEAVING BABYLON is ready to make its first waves. A new limited E.P. called LAST DANCE will see the light of day on June 7th. The EP contains six tracks, including three exclusive B-Sides: “I Scan The Surface”, We Go Down” and “Slow Dance” and features one song each by the new members Andreas Catjar and Daniel Jonasson. To top the anticipation LAST DANCE will be released in a beautiful digipack-artwork and comes with a limited edition car sticker, so it is destined to become a collectors item very fast. On top of that, there are rumours about a very limited 7” edition. Fans might want to look out for preorder-options soon. And we sure as hell are looking forward to those new songs.

Here you can get a first impression of what Covenant sound like in 2013. 



Pride And Fall return with new album after more than half a decade of Silence

For almost six years it was very silent about the norwegian future-pop-darlings Pride And Fall. After the scandinavian trio brought Future Pop back to life with their dark-electronic album “In My Time Of Dying”, the curtain fell for more than half a decade. The three men including singer Sigve Monsen took their time off to be there for their families after they all became fathers almost simultaneously. But in 2011 the call of music became louder and Pride And Fall got together on writing new songs. More than two years in the making they now almost finished their album and are scheduling the release  of their new longplayer titled “Of Lust And Desire”. To top off the long wait the first edition of the album will be released in a cool limitied digi-pack.



Decoded Feedback are going to play an exclusive german show at WGT

Good news for fans of Decoded Feedback: The Canadian duo is going to play one exclusive german show in 2013, which will be at WGT in Leipzig. Currently they are working on a track, which will be released on the Dependence-Sampler 2013. 



Mark Hockings says “Thank You” for the experiences Mesh made on tour

Mesh are now back home from their europe-tour. See what Mark Hockings has to say about it: “Thanks to everyone who made the last 4 weeks such an enjoyable, hilarious, slick and professional experience. Everyone's input was crucial and I speak for the whole band when I say that you should all be very proud! Great to see old friends and meet new ones. Thanks everyone!!”





"Automation Baby" is a huge success for Mesh

Automation Baby

"Automation Baby" is a huge success for Mesh: it hit the german Media-Control-Charts at position 33, on the German Electronic Webcharts it went straight to the top position. But it is not only Germany where Mesh are quiet successful: they entered the European Alternative Charts on Position 1 whereas the new Depeche Mode Album "Delta Machine" is on seven. And also the press was quite excited about the album:


It’s much like re-acquainting oneself with a dear old friend every time Mesh puts out a new album. Few bands retain such a pleasant atmosphere. Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn stay firmly in comfort zone on “Automation Baby” and fans will have a hard time resisting the power of the vibrant songs on it.One might argue that not much have changed in the Mesh camp. But it needs to be said that no one in the scene does it better

Reflections of Darkness

'Automation Baby' shows MESH at a peak in their career. It is the perfect blend of what defined them back in the days and what is today. It all results in a modern and clearly not one-dimensional electro pop sound that other bands would kill for.

Peek a boo

After a few sessions I can say this album is a major hit! It has the energy, it feels sad when needed, angry when needed... It all feels so true and to conclude this intro: sounds like we all would love that the new Depeche Mode would sound like! I know from the first time I saw Mesh on stage that some people were saying it was a Depeche Mode rip-off, but the rip-off nowadays sounds better than the original... Mesh is after this album for sure delivering already one of the best albums of this year!



Mesh will play at M'era Luna Festival

After a brillant last concert in Germany Mesh are on their way back to Great Britain. But the german fans don’t have to pitty themselves: Mesh will be back in Germany very soon. M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim just announced that Mesh are going to play there.
We have also good news for the winner of the exclusive Mesh-Mugs, we raffled off. The Mugs will be send out next week. The winners are:

M. Scheulen, Köln
H. Winter, Gänserndorf, Österreich
J.Törmänen, Helsinki
R. Hauenschild, München
B. Reuge, Lausanne, Schweiz



Mesh-Show in Leipzig is sold out!

Good news for the band, bad news for all the fans who haven’t bought their tickets yet: the Mesh-Show in Leipzig is sold out! On Saturday, 13th of April, Mesh plays together with Torul, Minerve, Vanguard and Kosmos at Werk II. Before the Show, at 6 pm,  there will be signing-session at “Saturn”, which is located in the main-station.   


12.04.2013 - Germany, Bochum, Matrix
13.04.2013 - Germany, Leipzig, Werk II   SOLD OUT!  
14.04.2013 - Germany, München, Backstage    
15.04.2013 - Austria, Wien, Szene     
17.04.2013 - Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp
13.09.2013 - Madrid (E), Sala Heineken
14.09.2013 - Barcelona (E), Sala Apolo


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