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Mesh finish Studioworks for “Automation Baby” and add sneak preview to first single ”Born To Lie”


The Bristol Duo Mesh just concluded their studioworks for their forthcoming new album AUTOMATION BABY to be released in Mid March. The band seems very satisfied with the result, as singer Mark Hockings comments: “We think this album is a huge step forward for MESH, the sound has become more coherent and more modern.

We are very happy with the result.” Soon, you will have the option to experience that with your own ears, as the bands record company Dependent had produced a few clips that will give away glimpses of the long-awaited album. A prerelease of the bands forthcoming single on YouTube was welcomed euphorically by the MESH-fans, and more snippets will follow soon. If that is not enough, then the single “Born To Lie” will give you even further insights into the forthcoming release: A QR-Code in the booklet will give access to a hidden Sneak Preview of the single and reveal 3 more album tracks that will not be made available anywhere else. The single will be available January 18th.



Front Line Assembly - AirMech at DAC leading position!

This week sees the new Front Line Assembly Soundtrack CD "AirMech" at a top position of the German Alternative Charts (DAC)!
Audio samples from "AirMech" you still find here and CD orders are available at our shop!



Upcoming MESH single - Cover artwork completed!

Finally the cover of the already announced upcoming MESH single "Born To Lie" is confirmed now.
The single is to be released January 18 and pre-orders are already available at the shop.



Covenant plan new album for the middle of 2013!

For their eighth studio album Covenant return to their one-time home port of Dependent, the label that twelve years ago released the landmark "United States Of Mind" album. With tracks like "Dead Stars", "One World One Sky" and of course the "Leiermann", this was the album that capitalised on the band's insider cult status and catapulted them to the upper echelons of the global electro scene.

With a successful US tour and several special debut album anniversary gigs behind them, the band have since been at work on the songs for the new CD. At the time of writing the band is busy going through the massive amounts of demos they have produced since their last album "Modern Ruin".

The working title of the new album is "Leaving Babylon". A new Covenant Single, maybe even an EP is already planned for spring 2013!

As with each new album the band manages to redefine their sound without sacrificing their recognizability, it will be interesting to discover which new facets of Covenant will emerge to surprise us this time. One thing is certain: the fans will certainly get their money's worth.



Chrysalide - Free Download!

We have started the month of October with the release of the album “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” by the French trio Chrysalide which has been well received by the press. Coma Magazine writes "`Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´ is the most unique and complex album I’ve heard all year. In fact, Chrysalide may be the next wave of genius for music everywhere.", while Side-Line opined "... cyber-punks driven by industrial adrenaline. Some vague reminiscences of Ministry might appear now and then, but Chrysalide is much more diversified. Electronic parts sometimes become more noticeable while other cuts reveal epic parts. The rhythms can even move on the edge of pure hard-core while some songs result in a sort of controlled wall of noise. Further comparisons will for sure lead us to Skinny Puppy, but the Chrysalide sound is much more complex and hard to catch." and Headfullofnoise declare that "Chrysalide’s `Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´ is everything good Industrial music is about. Harsh, aggressive, melodic, scary and raw. If you dig that style of music, and bands like Skinny Puppy or Combichrist, definitely pick up a copy of `Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life´."

For those who have maybe missed out this excellent album, we now offer a full track as a free download. Here you will find the track "Not My World" as mp3 for free!

And here you still will find XL audio snippets from both, the regular edition and the limited edition.



MESH – New single "Born To Lie" ready to release in January!

MESH stand for perfect pop songs with accessible melodies and fantastic vocals. In terms of songwriting and arrangement they are virtually peerless in the electro/synthpop scene. Now the British duo is back with "Born To Lie", the impressive first single from their new studio album "Automation Baby" due out next February.

The beat, the hook, and the charismatic vocals of Mark Hockings, all show this is anything but only pop from the shelf. In the past three years since the release of their last full-length "A Perfect Solution" the boys from Bristol have been hard at work crafting new material. The exclusive B-side "Black Dog" is another surefire hit, showcasing MESH's sense for relentless melody, not to be missed. While retaining the brilliant hook and signature vocal the club version of "Born To Lie" works just a tick rougher, harder and heavier - perfectly for the dance floor. The Rotersand Rework is a groovier treatment while the minimal EBM technopop of the Blitzmaschine remix gives the track an additional hypnotic touch. All in all a well-rounded packet with something for everyone. The single is to be released January 18 via Dependent in Europe and was produced once again by Olaf Wollschläger, in whose studio the band put the finishing touches on. Pre-orders are already available at the shop.

Our first update on the new album "Automation Baby" was full of surprises and here's one more for you: MESH had a cameraman accompany them on their recent trip to Olaf Wollschläger's studio, where they put the finishing touches on their new single. We present you here with the resulting video clip, which spares no detail. Enjoy!



Chrysalide - New shirts at the shop

In addition to the two versions of the Chrysalide CD album "Don´t Be Scared, It's About Life" now there is also an official Chrysalide bandshirts available at the shop.(sizes s/m/l).



Front Line Assembly - AirMech soundtrack album now available!

Now available, the AirMech original soundtrack by Front Line Assembly as digital download and limted edition CD-album!
Released as a full studio album, it has been mastered and remixed with the same quality as any of FLA´s previous albums. Included with this purchase is a set of exclusive AirMech content: all four band members as Pilots, and the -Frontline- Warthog Variant. These items are only available when purchased with this soundtrack CD album and will be instantly added to your AirMech account when purchased through Steam.
Front Line Assembly is the primary band of electronic-industrial legend Bill Leeb, whose other projects include Delerium, Skinny Puppy, Noise Unit, among others. Carbon Games approached Bill Leeb with this project because the rich layers of FLA's songs seemed like a perfect fit for dynamic music for AirMech. The album has been under development since late 2011 in parallel with the progression of the game. Selections of the music will be deconstructed for use as dynamic music, which reacts to conditions during battle. The trademark structure of FLA's music made this collaboration an exciting opportunity for both teams. This album is entirely instrumental, and stands as a compelling FLA album on its own.

Here you will find audio previews of AirMech.

As announced the limited CD edition is unfortunately already sold out at our shop but we await a return consignment of a few CDs by one of our distributors for next week. So a limited quantity is now available at our shop again - but please note, we are not able to ship this CDs before the end of next week.



Velvet Acid Christ - After The End Of The World Tour 2013

Everybody knows the world is due to end on December 21st this year on account of new conflicts triggered by the restart of the Mayan calendar. Just in time for the end of civilization as we know it, Bryan Erickson has decided to say "now more than ever" and announce his return to live performance after 12 (!) years away from the stage.
Yes, it's true: starting February 9, Velvet Acid Christ will perform the first live date of the "After The End Of The World Tour" in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, followed by appearances on the American west coast. Possible European dates are currently under discussion, and more details will be available shortly. We assume that doomsday or no doomsday, these concerts will be quite well attended, as VAC provides just the sort of music that could coax even the most paranoid out of their doomsday bunkers. This will be a must-see event for all survivors, in whatever form!

Across the globe, fans of the harder and darker styles of electro-industrial and EBM have warmed to the latest VAC album "Maldire". Sonic Seducer writes that "VAC are back at it and deliver a long-awaited punch, the corresponding sounds of which catapult the project back into the forefront of good electronic music in 2012", while Whisky Soda opined that "Velvet Acid Christ are back in absolutely top electroid form, you can't make better music than this" and EMP went so far as to declare that "'Maldire' marks the return of one of the last giants of the synthetic scene with one of the strongest and listenable releases of the year!"

Here you still find the "Maldire" audio snippets. Also special price pre-orders are available in our shop.



Front Line Assembly - Grab your copy while stocks last!

The pre-order campaign of the limited edition new Front Line Assembly "AirMech" soundtrack CD album was a great success. Already one week before the official  release date (November 16) the CD album is nearly sold out by pre-orders!  So if you did not have pre-ordered a copy, be the first in your record shop next week´s Friday to grab a maybe last available copy of the album.
Here you still find audio pre-listenings from the "AirMech" album.


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