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MESH are working on their new album titled "Automation Baby“

MESH are reporting back. The Bristol two-piece cult Synth Pop outfit announces their new album under the ominous title “Automation Baby”. The band had entered studio mode for a while, and fans had the opportunity to hear a few glimpses of the new material in form of a couple of “Making Of” clips on the MESH facebook page. If those are representative of the new albums sound, then the long player will feature an intriguing and crunchy sound update accompanied by the fantastic vocals of Mark Hockings. 
Projected album release date is mid February, while a single is planned a month earlier. Apparently the band will have a few surprises up their sleeves, that will be presented before the album release. We admit we are damn curious and will stay tuned for further news … and the birth of that Automation Baby.



New Dependent signing: Chrysalide!

It is not often that the veteran industrial label Dependent signs an album, months after it has been originally released in another territory. Actually, in the 14 year old history of the label, it has never happened at all. This hints that the new Dependent signing CHRYSALIDE must be something special, as the album had been released in France in late 2011 already.

Due to the extraordinary quality of the album “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” CHRYSALIDE managed to launch a slow burning sleeperhits in France and soon found as rare US license partner, as well as Dependent now handling the rest of Europe. Additionally CHRYSALIDE is one of the very few bands that manage to project their harsh electronics and vocals onto stage in a believable manner that really does their music justice. No wonder they had the ability to play a handful of key shows in Germany even before the album was officially released.

The French trio CHRYSALIDE is an exception in the industrial genre, as they manage to combine elements of Hiphop and Dubstep with harsh and noisy industrial music and vocals. Although leaning onto pioneers like Skinny Puppy or Velvet Acid Christ, CHRYSALIDE manage to create a unique and believable wall of aggression on their record. Unlike their Canadian Inspiration the CHRYSALIDE sound is more based on drums, grooves and rhythmic guitar samples than on samples, strings and sequencing chaos. It becomes noticeable that there is a full generation separating the Young CHRYSALIDE from the likes of Skinny Puppy. Equipped with this heavy load of electronics drums, and distorted vocal mayhem.

But not only the sound design steers clear of simple categorizations, also the bands album topics of globalization, European economy, and the effect of a vicious financial market onto the yet helpless individual shows that CHRYSALIDE prefer their samples and lyrics way off the beaten path. Summarizing its qualities, “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About life” is not only a vindicating statement against preset sounds and old-school styles, but also a manifest of true musical and artistic authenticity.
CHRYSALIDE don’t look like one of the revelations in this scene in 2012, they are probably THE REVELATION of this year.

There will be two versions of “Don’t Be Scared – It’s About Life” on the Dependent label, a regular CD edition and a very limited Double-CD collectors edition, containing preciously unreleased bonus tracks.
Both are now available for pre-order at our shop. Only the regular edition will be available from November 2 at all record stores.
Here you will find XL audio snippets from the regular edition and here from the limited edition, too.



Velvet Acid Christ - A second new video clip is online now!

A video clip of the track "Mysteric" from the Velvet Acid Christ album "Maldire" is online now. Again the film was directed by Dustin Ferguson.

Velvet Acid Christ - "Mysteric"    [Official Video]



Dependent Shop - special price offer: The Birthday Massacre

Only for a short period of time now you will find the "Pins And Needles" album from The Birthday Massacre for a very special price offer at our shop.



Velvet Acid Christ - New CD album now available in Europe!

Now finally available, the new Velvet Acid Christ CD album "Maldire".
"Maldire" has made the top 3 at the German Alternative charts already one month before its release date. The Sputnik Music magazine writes "The album is likely to be one of those which can bridge listeners into becoming Velvet Acid Christ fans and re-enforce the long-standing interest of those who are already a fan. While it is not an essential of the genre, nor will it probably ever be an important part of it, Maldire is definitely one of the better dark electronic albums to have come out over the last few years and will represent an important part of Velvet Acid Christ’s growth for the future."

It‘s been over 20 years since Bryan Erickson founded the electro-industrial project Velvet Acid Christ, reknowed for its virtuosic and unique use of vocal samples and electronic effects. His new masterpiece "Maldire“ is no exception: „In September 2012 the world will be assaulted by an audio force that promises to make your ears bleed", predicted Bryan Erickson, "the day will go down in infamy because VAC has returned to its evil roots of electronic dance music“ and he was right.

On “Maldire” Bryan Erickson completely eschews the acoustic elements of the last VAC album “The Art Of Breaking Apart” and returns Velvet Acid Christ to its darkelectro roots, best known from successful VAC albums like “Calling Ov The Dead” and “Fun With Knives”.

But form your own opinion. here you will find extra large snippets of all album tracks. You also can get your CD copy directly at our shop.
If you prefer the digital version of the album check out amazon. This weekend the digital album is available at a special price offer for only EUR 5,99 / £5.99!


Dismantled - New EP now digitally available!

Now available at your digital download store, the new Dismantled 10-track EP "Whole Wide World".
As promised all non-iTunes-users can also get the full artwork just by right click here for free.

On his last Dismantled album "The War Inside Me“ in 2011, Gary Zon explored genius, madness, and the ever so thin line that separates one from the other. The new EP sounds like Dismantled mastermind Gary Zon is feeling a bit more gracious these days. The signature blend of gloom and sarcasm is still evident, but the hatred and aggression that in large part characterized "The War Inside Me“ seems to have given way to somewhat more accessible structures. Also stylistically diverse remixers like Sleepless, God Module and Clicks! open new aspects and moods of the original tracks.
Prelistening snippets of the EP you will find here.



Front Line Assembly - First snippets from the upcoming album online and pre-orders available!

First tracks of the upcoming Front Line Assembly soundtrack album for the Carbon game "AirMech" are now available for pre-listening.
The CD album will contain twelf instrumental tracks and stands as a compelling FLA album on its own. "AirMech" is to be released November 14 in a very limited edition only via Dependent in Europe. You can already reserve your copy at our shop.



Front Line Assembly - Soundtrack album in November!

As already announced Front Line Assembly have completed the soundtrack for the "AirMech" video game. "It’s very hard electronics, and I have to say this really kicks it. It’s got 12 songs in total" says FLA mastermind Bill Leeb "Easily one of my favourite releases ever! Everyone worked so hard, and it’s really a labour of love. It was so cool seeing all these young guys really get into it.“

Carbon Games has signed Front Line Assembly to create an original album for AirMech. "For AirMech, the first thing I thought of was trying to get music that sounded like Front Line Assembly, so then I figured I should at least try and contact the band on the off chance they would be interested in talking with us," says James Green, Game Director at Carbon Games. "I was thrilled when the news came back that they would be interested in working on a game project again."

Front Line Assembly is one of the pioneering bands in the electronic industrial world and continues to be guided by founder Bill Leeb. The AirMech album has been under development since late 2011 in parallel with the progression of the game. Selections of the music will be deconstructed for use as dynamic music, which reacts to conditions during battle. The trademark structure of FLA's music made this collaboration an exciting opportunity for both teams. This album is entirely instrumental, and stands as a compelling FLA album on its own.

The album is to be released as limited edition in Europe on November 16 via Dependent.

The tracklisting:
01. AirMech / 02. Arise / 03. Pulse Charge / 04. Prep for Combat / 05. System Anomaly / 06. Mech Killer / 07. Everything That Was Before / 08. Lose / 09. Burning Skyline / 10. Stealth Mech / 11. Death Level / 12. Prime Empiricism



Velvet Acid Christ - The new video clip is online now!

The video clip of the title track from the upcoming Velvet Acid Christ album "Maldire" is online now.

Velvet Acid Christ - "Maldire"    [Official Video directed by Dustin Ferguson]


Velvet Acid Christ - Upcoming album "Maldire" already at the top of the DAC!

Four weeks before the release date and only by listening to the advanced audio snippets (!) the DJs have already voted "Maldire" straight to #2 of the German Alternative Charts!!!

Here you still find the "Maldire" audio snippets. Also special price pre-orders are now available in our shop.


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