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Free mp3 Bundle!

Free MP3 Download Bundle

To give you a taster of the current releases by the Dependent artists which you should not miss, we're giving away an mp3 bundle containing 4 full tracks! It includes songs by Edge of Dawn, Decoded Feedback, System Syn and Ego Likeness.
Of course you can download the tracks of your choice separately!


 Ego Likeness - "Now Until Forever"

Ego Likeness
Breedless switches between soft female chants and a much louder vocal style filled with tormented energy. Despite its variable speeds and volumes, the album is always emotionally charged, whilst the lyrics consider the darkness of our human psyche. The RE:GEN Magazine about "Breedless": "Lyrically beautiful and musically powerful, Breedless is already one of the standout albums this year."
Download "Now until forever" here for free

Extended album snippets you will find here.


Decoded Feedback - "Decompress"

Decoded Feedback
Full-bodied and varied, “Aftermath” stands between feelings and moods with unexpected sonic landscapes. Never before could it be said that Decoded Feedback has been this melodically oriented as we can now in 2010. Even in this project's 17th year of existence, there is no lack of innovation or variation.
Download "Decompress" here for free

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System Syn - "Here´s To You"

Ego Likeness
Despite System Syn’s somewhat meagre European presence, things are bound to change with the upcoming “Strangers”, thanks to this album’s intensity and variety. It is certain to turn heads. Its spectrum covers slow, dark melancholic tracks, well-arranged Electro-Pop songs, and numerous Electro-Industrial club floor-fillers.
Download "Here´s to You" here for free

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Edge Of Dawn - "Siren´s Call"

Edge of Dawn
“Anything that lets you survive this night” is an unusual title for Edge Of Dawn's second album, a collaboration between the creative Mario Schumacher and Seabound-singer and Professor of Psychology, Frank M. Spinath.
Edge Of Dawn deliver a surprisingly melodic concept album, despite the hypnotic darkness. A mirror image to the project's name, the atmosphere switches frequently between “bright” and “dark” poles and navigates perfectly the grey No man's land in between.

Download  "Siren´s Call" here for free

Extended album snippets you will find here.