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An exclusive download to commemorate the recently completed Seabound/Iris Alliance Tour is now available for a limited time. On select nights, Reagan and Frank performed "Watching Over You" together as an encore to the Seabound set. This duet was so well received that both bands and labels decided to record it and offer it as a free "thank you" to the fans. This recording was made at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA on 29 March 2008.


In time for the upcoming US-Tour, Canadian director Phil Martin has created a video for Seabound's "Castaway". Watch the video here.


This April, Seabound will release their first live album "Come Forward - Live In Berlin" to audiences in both the USA and Europe. "Playing live has become an essential part of the Seabound experience," says singer Frank Spinath. "This concert is full of intimate moments and strong feelings. Coming forward has never been so personal." Just prior to the album release, the band will embark on a 3 week US tour with Iris. The "Alliance Tour 2008" brings Seabound and Iris to New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle and beyond. The tour has been booked and managed by former Dependent Records head Stefan Herwig. With the recent closing of Dependent's doors, Come Forward will see worldwide release on Metropolis Records. Stay tuned for a specific release date.

"I've been an Iris fan for years," adds Frank. "Touring the US together with these great guys now is a personal dream come true for me. It's going to be a real alliance - and a lot of fun!"

Seabound/Iris: Alliance Tour 2008

12.03.2008 Philadelphia Shampoo
13.03.2008 Washington DC Five
14.03.2008 New Haven Black Sun Festival
15.03.2008 NYC Avalon
16.03.2008 Rochester Water Street
18.03.2008 Cleveland/Lakewood TBC
19.03.2008 Detroit Luna
20.03.2008 Chicago Darkroom
22.03.2008 Austin Elysium
23.03.2008 Houston TBC
24.03.2008 Dallas Club Dada
26.03.2008 Seattle El Corazon
27.03.2008 Portland Mt. Tabor
29.03.2008 San Francisco DNA Lounge
30.03.2008 Los Angeles Safari Sams


Seabound's latest album "Double-Crosser" climbed to #1 in the this week's DAC chart.


Just three weeks after its release, the new Seabound album "Double-Crosser" has already climbed to #2 in the German Alternative Charts (DACs). In addition, we're already out of the limited edition 2CD digipak edition, so if you spy one at your local store or favorite mailorder, this may be your last chance to secure a copy for yourself!


Finally: two years after the release of the last studio album, Seabound release their third full-length "Double-Crosser" this Friday. The new album showcases the full range of Seabound's unique sound, from melancholy electro ballads to hard-hitting club tracks and lush instrumental soundtracks. You can check out an mp3 clip here. Along with the regular CD album, "Double-Crosser" will be available as a 2CD digipak in a limited edition of just 2,000 copies. The bonus disc includes remixes from Covenant, Olaf Wollschläger and Rotersand.


At the end of last year, Seabound received an surprising and unusual gift from Toronto-based filmmaker Jordan Stone: an unofficial video for "Torn". The band has now made the video available for download, so we're happy to present you with a chance to check out Jordan's work. The video and accompanying backstory can be found at In other news, the band will be performing live on 23 April at P60 in Amsterdam (NL).


Last year's Seabound and Pride And Fall European tour was a "channel crossing" of the musical variety, but on 09.04.05 the package crosses the Channel, for real this time! The German-Norwegian axis will perform a one-off show at London's "Garage" and will bring with them the final copies of the highly sought-after limited edition tour CD, which has already been spotted on eBay going for 50 Euro or more. Don't worry, we're not angry; in fact, it just proves what a good idea the limited disc was in the first place. What we don't understand is why anyone would want to part with such an item. Strange world!


Both Seabound and Pride and Fall would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended one of the recent concerts. The tour was a smashing success for all parties involved and the limited CD that has handed out free to all attendees has received rave reviews and is currently to be found on eBay - at a handsome price. The timing of the tour couldn't have been better, as shortly after the last gig Seabound vocalist Frank M. Spinath was appointed to a professorship as Chair of Differential Psychology and Psychodiagnostics in the Department of Psychology at the University of Saarland. Our congratulations to the young Professor! For anyone who couldn't get enough of Pride and Fall, you can catch them live on 11 December at the ElectriXmas Festival in Lund, Sweden.


What's a good way to make new friends? Maybe giving away a free CD at concerts containing unreleased tracks by the performing artists. While this seemed like a great idea to us, it upset large numbers of fans in the USA and those European countries that the upcoming Seabound/Pride And Fall tour won't be making it to, who are also excited about this limited edition CD, which will contain the following material:

Seabound - Floating (feat. Andrew Sega)
Seabound - Watching Over You (Beacon in the night Mix)
Pride And Fall - Angel (Unreleased)
Pride And Fall - December (Below Zero Mix)

While we will not be selling or releasing this disc, we've come up with a way that fans of limited edition releases in Europe and overseas can have a chance to get ahold of it. Following the tour, we will hold a contest in our Forum to give away multiple copies of the split CD, a solution we think is pretty fair. Unfair, perhaps, is the requirement of being a registered Forum member in order to participate, but no pain, no gain. Originally slated to be a 3" single, the running time proved to be too long to fit the format, so rather than shorten the tracks themselves, we elected to press the single on a normal 5" CD instead. The things we do for our fans...


"No Sleep Demon" - why a new edition?

Due to the large number of questions we've received regarding the reissue of our debut album, we thought we would take the opportunity to explain some of the reasons behind our decision to re-release the album as "No Sleep Demon V2.0".

Our American label Metropolis Records had been distributing the album as an import, but had yet to license it. Due to the success of "Beyond Flatline" in the US, however, Metropolis now wishes to release the first album as well. This would mean that CDs would no longer have to be imported and taxed, but could be pressed in the States, a process considerably less complicated for all parties involved - and one which leads to a reduced price for the consumer. When Metropolis expressed their desire to release the album in the US, we were faced with the option of sending the original artwork and masters, or taking the opportunity to make a few improvements.

Several factors influenced this decision.

At the time of recording "No Sleep Demon", I had a rather more primitive selection of technology at my disposal. I now find several of the old mixes to be less than optimal. For this reason, the opportunity to improve the mixing and mastering on several tracks came as a welcome one. However, we wanted to retain the original character of the songs and did not want to include any new or remixed versions. We did however make numerous minor adjustments that will likely prove to be imperceptible to the casual listener, but which improve the overall sonic quality and serve to increase punch and transparency. Those interested in the technical improvements should compare e.g. the bass mix in the "Radical Mix" of "Hooked" (whose boost at 120 Hz in the old version hopefully didn't destroy any club PAs!). "Exorcize", "Torn", "Hooked" (Radical Mix), and "Avalost" (vocal version) were all re-mixed and remastered, while "Day of the Century" and "Dunnocks" were simply remastered.

This brings us to a further reason for the supplementation of the original album. We found ourselves in the rather curious situation where not only our most popular, but also our best-known songs from the "No Sleep Demon" period, were more or less unavailable!

The vocal version of "Avalost", probably our most popular song from this era, was originally released only on the "Travelling" maxi-single, which is out of print (and will remain so). The "Radical mix" of "Hooked", which received a great deal of club play, was available on a DJ promo only MCD and a compilation CD (Septic II), but never on a proper Seabound release. As you can probably imagine, this is anything but desirable from the artist's point of view.

Releasing a new edition of the album affords us the opportunity to preserve these tracks. In addition, we've included "Day of the Century", previously available only on a number of hard to find compilations, again in response to numerous fan requests.

In place of the original 8-page booklet, we have included a 12-page booklet with new artwork from Ingo Römling (monozelle), who was also responsible for the "Poisonous Friend" artwork. The new booklet's reflection of the album's mood is, in our opinion, considerably superior to the older version.

Finally, let it be known that we have agreed with Dependent Records to release the new edition at a reduced price. This means that both band and label will earn less on the sale of each disc in order to insure that the sale price is lower than that of a regular CD.

Hopefully this helps to explain why, after just three years, we have elected to re-release "No Sleep Demon". We are happy to have had the opportunity to amend and improve the album, and are quite pleased with the result.

Martin (Seabound)


The Summer that wasn't is already past, but we have the perfect soundtrack for the cool, melancholy months of Autumn: Seabound, the undisputed champions of intelligent electro. This fall the band will be back on tour in Europe in support of their highly acclaimed 2004 release "Beyond Flatline" together with labelmates Pride and Fall. As if that package alone isn't enough to get you to a show, an highly limited 3" CD featuring unreleased material from both artists will be given out to each attendee free of charge! This special edition release will only be available on this 2004 "Beyond Flatline" tour - don't miss it!

15.09. Heidelberg, Schwimmbad
16.09. Braunschweig - Meiers
17.09. Utrecht (NL) - Ekko*
18.09. Gent (B), Eland
19.09. Essen - Zeche Carl
22.09. Frankfurt - Nachtleben
22.09. Berlin - K-17
24.09. Leipzig - Moritzbastei
25.09. Poznan (PL), Blue Note

* without Pride and Fall

In other Seabound news, we are repressing the debut album "No Sleep Demon" in response to a constant barrage of fan requests. The remastered album, out 30.8.04, features new artwork and bonus material.


At last: Seabound's "Poisonous Friend" climbed to the top position (#1) of the German Alternative Charts in calendar week 22. Thanks so much to everyone involved in what is the band's biggest success to date.

And there's more: Seabound have begun preparing for new live shows. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed but the band is getting ready to tour Germany as well as neighbouring countries in September. Most probably, Seabound will team up with Pride & Fall (Norway) for this occasion. Currently, there are no plans to tour overseas this year. Check back soon for more information.


Seabound's star just keeps rising. Like its predecessor "Beyond Flatline", the new EP "Poisonous Friend" is enjoying phenomenal chart success. Can it make it to #1? The quality of the music says yes: in fact, a week prior to release, the entire EP appeared for download on the Soulseek network. We'd like to curse whoever is responsible with a nasty and incurable case of hemorrhoids!


Seabound undertake fourth Northamerican “Speak In Storms”-tour in with Architect.

Seabound start fourth “Speak In Storms”-tour in North America with Architect.

Last weekend, Seabound started their fourth tour in North America, which encompasses 14 shows on the continent. Part of the schedule are Chicago, Toronto, New York City, New Orleans and Florida, so it is only the Midwest and East Coast this time. The West Coast will be toured in 2016. The band is supported by Haujobb side project Architect, the critically acclaimed solo outlet of singer Daniel Myer.  We wish the travellers a successful tour.

This is what the band has to say: “ Over the following two and a half weeks, this tour will take us to many exciting places until we hit Florida, where the tour will end. Together with Architect, Daniel Myer's endearing project, as well as select local support acts, we will play 14 shows in 16 days.”

 Seabound Live. Foto Credit: Nicole bringer

The dates:

March 27, 2015 - Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Grill...

March 28, 2015 - Chicago, IL - The Abbey

March 29, 2015 - Detroit MI – Smalls

March 30, 2015 - Cleveland, OH - The Foundry

March 31, 2015 - Buffalo – Forvm

April 1, 2015 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace

April 2, 2015 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater

April 3, 2015 - NYC - Santos Party House

April 4, 2015 - Wilmington, DE - Mojo 13

April 5, 2015 - Washington DC - Empire Nightclub (Springfield VA)




Seabound release strictly limited CD Album "When Black Beats Blue"

ollowing up their second successful tour with De/Vision in the US, Seabound release "When Black Beats Blue". This "rarities" compilation features several remixes and collaborations (Mindless Faith, haujobb, Acretongue, Heqc, die form, Forma Tadre), B-Sides, sought after compilation tracks and the highly appreciated "Watching Over You" duet with Reagan Jones of Iris in front of a euphoric San Francisco audience. All remixers where handpicked by Seabound singer Prof. Frank Spinath, who also wrote highly interesting liner notes to all the tracks included. The Album is limited to 2500 copies only, but only a few hundred are expected to make their way to Europe. S your best bet is to check with specialised mailorders like Infrarot, Music Nonstop or before you will have to spend collectors prices on eBay.