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Focus and Flow

Dependence 2010

KiloWatts & Vanek

KiloWatts & Vanek blow any prejudice about the futility of melting
electronic and acoustic music to pieces. The US/Belgium duo took four
years to save their album „Focus And Flow“ to hard disc, and put it
online for sale on their website.

An enthusiastic fan asked both of them to perform two shows in Germany
on a festival for electronic Music. That was the first time, Watts and
Vanek met in Person, after having collaborated for several years.
A few months later, Dependent owner Stefan Herwig stumbles across a
link in the “Hybridized” Music forum, which highly recommends an
amazing music album. The link leads to “Focus And Flow”.

The Dependent label was closed a good year before, but Herwig could not withdraw
from the fascination and unique sound of the record, and started to
look for a record label for KiloWatts & Vanek. After a few months.
Dependent achieved interest from Motor Digital, the net label
department of Motor founder Tim Renner. However, nobody seemed
interested to release „Focus And Flow“ physically.  This lead Stefan
to reactivate his record label, and gave KiloWatts & Vanek a unique
advantage: They are home on two separate record Labels. So far a truly
unique structure.

But the theme of unique synergy does not only spread throughout the
bands work structure, it is equally apparent in its music: You won’t
find better vocals and more bittersweet melancholy in electronic music
period. You have not yet heard these kind grooves and wicked effects
in guitar ballads. KiloWatts & Vanek are simply beyond categories like
“Laptop-Folk or “Glitch Pop” as they unify harmonic flow, truly
visionary focus and simply the best of the electronic and organic
music world.

James Watts

James Watts began pruning his unique vision for electronic music in
the days of tinkering with DOS-based trackers. His fluency in piano is
evident throughout his work, as is his penchant for jazzy riffs,
intelligent structure, wistful melodies, and an often cheeky take on
the current state and history of electronic music as a whole.
Basslines follow leads, musical structures preserve thematic cohesion,
granular bits divide and come together, swelling into grand peaks
before finally dropping into ass-shaking grooviness. It is safe to say
that this guy breathes electronic music.

Peter Vanek

Peter Vanek loves telling stories. One day he found a guitar, was
taught some chords and started working on a stand up routine mixed
with songs. He came into contact with Jamie Watts via Soulseek, an
electronic music filesharing platform. They started collaborating and
Kilowatts & Vanek sparked into existence. Their music caught on
quickly and before they knew it they got signed. Peter Vanek loves
words, lyrics and the sound of everything that feels organic and warm.
He is a wizard that can turn emotion into music in an instant, using
just his voice and his guitar.