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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind146

Release Date: 2009-11-06

available as Download and CD



The Art Of Breaking Apart

1. Tripped Out 04:50
2. Vaporized 04:43
3. Black Rainbows 04:34
4. Phucked Up Phreak 07:50
5. Killing A Stranger 04:60
6. The Art Of Breaking Apart 05:11
7. Caustic Disco 04:47
8. Killed In Space 05:16
9. Amnesia 04:57
10. Faithless 04:17
11. Silver 20:37


The Art Of Breaking Apart...

Velvet Acid Christ has returned with his next auditory assault. With „The Art
Of Breaking Apart“, Velvet Acid Christ has taken a huge leap in not only style, but
song structures as well. Fans will notice signature tracks such as “Tripped Out,”
“Vaporized,” and “Phucked Up Phreak”, however many of the songs are quite different
from what they expect. Not only does the album feature acoustic guitar, but
untreated vocals as well (Imagine Death In June meets The Cure with electronic
elements - if you already have listened to „Black Rainbows“ on the Septic VIII compilation
album you will understand). Velvet Acid Christ has not even begun to tap
into the innovations they are capable of, even with more than a decade of musical
experience under their belt. Velvet Acid Christ has broken out of his restraints and
created again something new and refreshing: „The Art Of Breaking Apart“.


"With ‘The Art of Breaking Apart’, Bryan Erickson demonstrates how fancy and varied songs can sound when music is composed with passion. VELVET ACID CHRIST is back for God´s sake!"
(Reflections Of Darkness)
" .. you couldn't ask for a more appropriate dose of autumn atmosphere to fill your room with beautiful gloom as the skies grow gray and cold."