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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind140

Release Date: 2009-10-23

available as Download and CD



A Perfect Solution

1. If We Stay Here 06:17
2. Only Better 05:45
3. Everything I Made 06:41
4. Is It So Hard 05:58
5. Hold It Together 04:55
6. It's Gone 05:10
7. How Long 06:22
8. Who Says 06:34
9. Hope Dreams 04:33
10. Want You 03:56
11. The Bitter End 04:59


A Perfect Solution...

After a three year absence, Bristol’s hottest underground export in heartwrenching electronic pop is back. MESH, the duo of Mark Hockings and Rich Silverthorn, return with „A Perfect Solution“, possibly the most mature, mutable and yet toughest album of their career. While no one doubts Mark Hocking’s status as an exceptional vocalist, a complete listen to this album also serves to highlight the band’s songwriting and arrangement skills. Once pegged as a purely retro synth act, MESH have mutated into a true live band, and the resulting versatility in the arrangements transforms what might have merely been 11 good songs into outstanding ones.

Thematically, „A Perfect Solution“ is a bit darker than previous releases. The tone of the album is typefied by „If We Stay Here“, a tale of broken relationships between people who once loved each other but who now just exist in the same space. The massive housing facade pictured on the cover further symbolizes the painful dramas which take place behind its windows. The wires running throughout the artwork are both safety lines and shackles – anything but „A Perfect Solution“.

Were the album musically as dismal and hopeless as it is lyrically, „A Perfect Solution“ might be too much to handle, but luckily MESH know how to strike the delicate balance between „bitter“ and „sweet“.


MESH - “New album darker and harder than before", "a dark inspirational love album"


Mesh have produced a video message for their fans and made it available on their fansite There you can also hear parts of the new single “Only Better”,  to be released on September 4th. In the video, Rich Silverthorn describes the style of the album as harder and dirtier and calls “A Perfect Solution” a “dark inspirational love album”.

Upon hearing it we can confirm that it indeed sounds darker and more raw than one would otherwise expect from MESH. This can already be noticed with the “Open Better” single, which is not just changing gears with its A-side but whose B-side “Shattered Glass” is also among the roughest songs that the band has ever recorded. The single also includes a remix by their fellow countrymen from KLOQ. We are anxious and excited at the same time...