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Format: CD/Single

Catalogue Nr. mind164

Release Date: 2010-03-08

available as Download and CD



8 Bits

1. 8 Bits (8,5 Bits mix) 04:10
2. 8 Bits (8,6 Bits mix) 04:10
3. Last Ninja 2 06:51
4. 8 Bits (club.edit) 04:10


8 Bits...

Due to the media's overwhelming feedback of the shortly upcoming album “R.E.T.R.O”, Dependent and have also decided to release the heavily praised title “8 Bits” as a single. It is now available in a strictly limited edition through Mail Order and on our Webshop. It contains 3 alternate versions of the title track "8 Bits", including a club version, plus an additional revised B-side, the second part of “Last Ninja” which other parts are already present on the album.

You can order the single here in our webshop.