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Format: CD/EP

Catalogue Nr. mind174

Release Date: 2010-12-03

available as Download and CD



Stage Fright

1. Stage Fright (Steril Remix)  
2. Valid World (Acretongue Remix)  
3. Up [A Cold Case]  
4. Enchanted  
5. In Your Sleep (Renegade Of Noise Remix)  
6. Capsized (Cryo Remix)  
7. Up [A Cold Case] (Rotersand Remix)  
8. Stage Fright (Splitter Remix)  


Stage Fright...


Edge of Dawn - ”Anything That Gets You Through The Night“ was the unusual title of the second Edge Of Dawn album, collaboration between the creative force of Mario Schumacher and Seabound  vocalist/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath. Release at the end of this past May, the album won the hearts and praise of the fans and press alike and found its way to the top of the DAC. Darkly hypnotic, this technically and stylistically mature album delivered a surprising number of melodic hits for electro-industrial clubs, chief among them ”Stage Fright“ which spent the entire summer in the charts.

Following up on the track’s success, the synth-pop duo now bring us not just a single but an entire ”Stage Fright“ EP complete with 2 remixes of the title song along with brand new unreleased tracks. Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Destroid) contributes the `Regenade of Noise´ remix of ”In Your Sleep“ alongside mixes from both established names like Steril and Rotersand as well as newcomers like Cryo and Acretongue.

The new tracks ”Up“ and ”Enchanted“ are reminiscent of the high points of the album and if you look at the total running time, this EP is practically a new album itself. And not enough, the album also includes a 12-page booklet and in it you will find a download code for 2 additional tracks.


"If you’re reading about an EP that frequently means a lot of remixes that just consume space on the disc and don’t have any artistic or sonic merit since they are mostly just alternative club versions. But a remix is supposed to be a re-interpretation, stressing something that hasn’t been that audible in the original, or even a complete reconstruction. With a minor exception you’ll find just that on the ‘Stage Fright’ EP. Artists that really put a lot of thought into their versions. Besides that, you have two new tracks included; altogether making a round release that is worth every cent."
- Reflections Of Darkness

"This EP gives the listener very much variation and it never gets boring. Highly recommended!"