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Format: CD/Single

Catalogue Nr. mind179

Release Date: 2011-03-11

available as Download and CD




1. Krank (Käptn' K Mix) by Sascha K.  
2. Krank (Komor Kommando Mix) by Sebastian Komor  
3. Krank (Knark Mix) by SKOLD  
4. Day Of Light (Revenge Mix) by Bill Rieflin  
5. Day Of Light (24/7 Mix)  



Effective immediately, Electro-industrial legends KMFDM will be releasing new material on Dependent!“
The first release and the band’s first single in over nine years will be the high-energy cocktail „Krank“ (German for „sick“).
This teaser for the upcoming album “WTF?!“, due out this April, shows the American quintet in best form and with an updated sound which no doubt owes something to bandleader and singer Sascha “Käpt’n K“ Konietzko’s return to his native Hamburg two years ago, some two decades after having mutated into one of the USA’s most successful industrial acts.
It’s worth noting that in all the time since that success KMFDM has eschewed any hint of selling out, focusing instead on setting dancefloors on both sides of the Atlantic on fire with “Krank” (pronounced “crank”), the latest assault of trademark metal-tinged bombast.
The club-oriented sound of the newest material suits the band well, and repetition of the catchy title insures the track is unforgettable.
Two excellent and exclusive remixes from Skold and Komor Kommando and the b-side “Day of Light” round things out. “Krank it to eleven” could also be interpreted as “has my fist met your face?” KMFDM are back! 



Dominion UK, coverstory March 2011

"The godfathers of industrial-rock have released a new single, the first one in 9 years, and it kicks ass! Three versions of "Krank" and two versions of "Day Of Light" is what you get and believe me, it's really a blast!"

- Side-Line

KMFDM - "Krank" (Official Music Video)