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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind178

Release Date: 2011-02-25

available as Download and CD



25 February will see the new installment of the Dependent label compilation “Dependence” at a special low price.
“Dependence 2011” contains unreleased and exclusive recordings from veteran artists as well as the first high-profile releases from some of the scene’s hottest newcomer acts.
The track list features brand new songs and spectacular remixes from the likes of Mesh, Front Line Assembly, Decoded Feedback, Fractured, System Syn, Edge Of Dawn, Ghost & Writer, Dismantled, Stromkern, Informat ik, Encephalon, KMFDM and more.
This CD-album comes in a special embossed black jewel case and is the perfect introduction to the Dependent label for the uninitiated and a special treat for long-time fans. No outtakes or boring remixes here: just 15 highquality, basically exclusive tracks.


Dependence 2011

1. Dismantled - Kill Or Be Killed  
2. Clicks! - TV (Monochrome Version)  
3. Encephalon - Daylight (Remix)  
4. KMFDM - Come On - Go Off (Rotersand Remix)  
5. Informatik - Something To Believe In  
6. Mesh - Is It So Hard? (Remixed by Iris ft. Julia Beyer)  
7. Ghost & Writer - Nightshift (Forma Tadre Remix)  
8. Fractured - You Are (The Voice Inside My Head)  
9. Decoded Feedback - Mind Against Matter  
10. Front Line Assembly - Day Of Violence  
11. Stromkern - Sub-Librarian  
12. System Syn - Chemical (Deathproof Mix by SMP)  
13. Veil Veil Vanish - Modern Lust  
14. Edge Of Dawn - All The Time (Urceus Exit Remix)  
15. Mindless Faith - Down Here (Iron Fist Remix)  



"Personally, I really like every single track on this compilation and I think this is the first time ever for me regarding a compilation. If you are going to grab one compilation this year, this is probably it. Atleast this far into the new year. And the best of all; the compilation come with special low price. A small amount to get so much great music. Enjoy!"

"Total: 9 / 10"

- Reflections Of Darkness

"This sampler is a cool exposure to the Dependent bands and activities of 2011."
- Side-Line