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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind182

Release Date: 2011-04-29

available as Download and CD



Never one to shy away from asking the tough questions, KMFDM gives voice to the inquiry that is on everyone’s lips in these twisted times - WTF?!.
WTF?!, the band’s new album released on Dependent / KMFDM Records on April 29th., 2011, joins the ranks of their many records titled with a five character name.
WTF?! features 11 brand new songs, including the album’s lead single “Krank”, (to be released in Europe on March 11th,) KMFDM’s latest anthem. All in all Käpt’n K. and his Kadets provide over 50 minutes of guaranteed musical mayhem on this new release. WTF?! was conducted, as always, by KMFDM founder, leader and vocalist Sascha K. who believes this is his most powerful and dominate sonic statement to date. KMFDM’s female singer, Lucia, proves her vocal prowess on the dreamy yet driving “Dystopia” and the super-charged revolution-themed rocker “Rebels In Kontrol”, which has already made news as a protest song in support of Wikileaks. Continuing the bandbased formula of recent years, KMFDMers Jules Hodgson, Steve White and Andy Selway round out the roster.
It will come as no surprise to followers of KMFDM to learn that WTF?! is laden with contributions from Kompatriots far and wide. Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda can be found shredding on the noisy “Come On – Go Off”. William Wilson of KMFDM Record’s Legion Within lends his vocal talent to “Spectre”. Picking up where Blitz’s “Strut” left off, the disco-fueled “Take It Like A Man” showcases Lucia dueting with Free Dominquez of Kidney Thieves. Sebastian Komor of Komor Kommando and Icon Of Coil’s production on multiple tracks as well as input from stray KMFDM member Bill Rieflin top off this impressive list.
While this is not their first album title to contain a question mark (that would be their 1986 debut album "What Do You Know, Deutschland?") this is the first to feature an exclamation point. Regardless, it was only a matter of time before this happened as few bands make more sloganized exclamations than KMFDM. The WTF?! artwork features a humorously suggestive, yet ultimately destructive cover illustration by KMFDM contributor Brute!, a fitting visual for this sly but brutal release.
With WTF?! KMFDM once again has given notice to the mainstream that “Whatever you stand for, we do not!”, be prepared as, “It’s a f**kin’ takeover!”. For those who dare to ask WTF?!, you have been warned, KMFDM take no prisoners.


1. Krank  
2. Come On - Go Off  
3. Rebels In Control  
4. Lynchmob  
5. Take It Like A Man  
6. Vive La Mort!  
7. Dystopia  
8. Panzerfaust  
9. Spectre  
10. Amnesia  
11. Death & Burial Of C.R.  



Dominion UK, coverstory March 2011

" ... a great album with a strong vocal performance and production. For all die hard KMFDM fans this maybe is yet another masterpeice from the band ..."

- Blackvector Magazine

"`WTF?!’ is a sure must-have not only because it’s from the mainstays of Industrial scene, but because it’s fucking great!"
- Reflectons Of Darkness

"KMFDM have never lost in decades and decades of business and that still allows them to churn out high-level album releases."
- (Italy)

"This album falls nicely in your body, insinuates itself into every little corner of our synapses and creates never ending emotions. 5/ 5 stars"
- Ondalternativa (Italy)

"A rich and pungent feel is present throughout the album, with a reminder that no matter how further into their career KMFDM are, their power and skills are up and running. “WTF?!” is a reflection on the world of chaos and chaotically moving people who aimlessly grope for relevant landmarks in their lives."

Album Of The Month
- Inferno (Requiem Magazine Insert, Italy) 

".. rock-solid, sporting some outstanding melodies and rhythms, and many memorable moments – particularly "Rebels in Kontrol," "Lynchmob" and the final track – which together make it well worth checking out. If you're new to the band, it's a good overview of their latter-day material, and long-time fans will get tons more of what they love."

"Back in the late 80s and early 90s when KMFDM started to make inroads into the industrial scene in the US, I was decidedly unimpressed with their music. However, they have certainly evolved and have earned their place at the top of the industrial genre with Front 242, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, etc…  The level of musicianship and creativity shown on this album is breathtaking.  I highly recommend this album and all of the songs as being worthy of inclusion into a daily mix."
- COMA Music Magazine


KMFDM - WTF?! (Album Teaser)