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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind180

Release Date: 2011-05-20

available as Download and CD



An Alternative Solution

1. If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Remix)  
2. Only Better (Mechanical Cabaret Bi-Polar Mix)  
3. Everything I Made (Robin Gigla Remix)  
4. Is It So Hard? (Remixed by Iris feat. Julia Beyer)  
5. Hold It Together (Daniel Myer Renegade of Noise RMX)  
6. It´s Gone (SMP Deathproof Mix)  
7. How Long (Assemblage 23 Remix)  
8. Who Says? (Inuition´s Alternate Solution Mix)  
9. Hopes, Dreams (Parralox Remix)  
10. Want You (Restraining Order Mix by Informatik)  
11. The Bitter End (Portion Control Grind 70BPM Version)  


An Alternative Solution (bonus disc)

1. You’ll Never Understand (Harder)  
2. From This Height (Remix by Markus Reinhardt of Wolfsheim)  
3. Only Better (Alien6 Remix)  
4. Everything I Made (Kloq Remix)  
5. Save Everyone  
6. Hold & Restrain (Olafs Vinyl Version)  
7. How Long? (Mesh Full Duration Pump Mix)  
8. How Long? (samEDIT Perpetual Mix)  
9. The Bitter End (Celluloide Version Hexagonale)  


An Alternative Solution (limited edition)...

"A Perfect Solution", the latest album from MESH  was surely one of the highlight releases of recent years. The boys from Bristol showcased both their club and alternative influences, creating a masterpiece caught between accessible beauty and bitter melancholy. Up next is "An Alternative Solution", a remix album with several unusual characteristics.
"We didnt want to have big bands as remixers, but just friends we know personally, and who we know like our music, and with whom we have a relationship"  says Mesh singer Mark Hockings. "The status of the remixers was secondary, the important thing was that the mixes were good. A friend will do a better mix for you than someone who is just getting a little cash for it."

The results speak for themselves, then many of the mixes stand up to the original versions, without ripping the original song completely out of its musical context. All eleven tracks from "A Perfect Solution" get the remix treatment here, and the remix album retains the original´s track order as well. In spite of its unconventional approach, Mesh have assembled an illustrious lineup of remixers from friendships built up over the bands 15 year history, including Iris, Portion Control, Zeromancer, Parralox, and Assemblage 23.

"An Alternative Solution" is to be released May 20th. Fans and collectors shall look for the limited first pressing, also containing a bonus CD with additional remixes and rare tracks.



"All in all, I was quite surprised how many bands managed to give the tracks a different perspective without totally removing the original quality of the material. Pretty rare these days when it comes to remixing!"
- Peek-A-Boo