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Format: CD/EP

Catalogue Nr. mind186

Release Date: 2011-08-05

only digital available



1. Surface  
2. What Is Left To Say (Club Edit)  
3. Surface (Club Version)  
4. Surface (Under The Surface Remix by Scandy)  
5. Surface (Sebastian Komor Remix)  
6. Surface (Shoks Zeitmahl Remix)  
7. Surface (Pull Out Kings Remix)  
8. Surface (Rotersand Rework)  



US based Industrialists Imperative Reaction return in 2011 after a couple of years in silence. The band will release an 8-track single, entitled “Surface” as an appetizer for the forthcoming studio album. Besides remixes from Scandy, Sebastian Komor, Shok’s Zeitmahl, Pull Out Kings and Rotersand, you’ll be treated with the b-side “What Is Left To Say” in an exclusive club edit. The single is to be released in Europe on August 5.


Imperative Reaction - "Surface"
Official Promotion Clip
Directed by Chad Michael Ward