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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind094

Release Date: 2006-04-13

available as Download and CD



Standard Issue

1. Anthem 07:18
2. Get It Through 05:55
3. No Effect 05:16
4. Breed To Death 04:41
5. Preset 03:54
6. Fields 05:31
7. Recall 04:40
8. Standard Issue 04:22
9. Attention 05:00
10. Thanks For Everything 05:21


Standard Issue...


"Gary Zon has made a true masterpiece with his third album Standard Issue. Musicwise as well as productionwise this is a topalbum. The layered industrial of Postnuclear has taken an intelligent route on Standard issue with a take towards crossover pop realms. This has been done in a way comparable to the music of Nine Inch Nails. Do not think that the music actually sounds like it, as it is more the delicate and emotional tension in the music of Dismantled that creates these resemblances." -

"It needn´t be stated again, but this is a great album. The production is undeniably good, the vocals are diverse and innovative, and the synthesizers provide the weight required to make this a solid release." -