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Format: CD/Single

Catalogue Nr. mind203

Release Date: 2013-01-18

available as Download and CD


MESH stand for perfect pop songs with accessible melodies and fantastic vocals. In terms of songwriting and arrangement they are virtually peerless in the electro/synthpop scene. Now the British duo is back with "Born To Lie", the impressive first single from their new studio album "Automation Baby" due out next February.

The beat, the hook, and the charismatic vocals of Mark Hockings, all show this is anything but only pop from the shelf. In the past three years since the release of their last full-length "A Perfect Solution" the boys from Bristol have been hard at work crafting new material.
The exclusive B-side "Black Dog" is another surefire hit, showcasing MESH's sense for relentless melody, not to be missed. While retaining the brilliant hook and signature vocal the club version of "Born To Lie" works just a tick rougher, harder and heavier - perfectly for the dance floor. The Rotersand Rework is a groovier treatment while the minimal EBM technopop of the Blitzmaschine remix gives the track an additional hypnotic touch.
All in all a well-rounded packet with something for everyone. The single is to be released January 18 via Dependent in Europe and was produced once again by Olaf Wollschläger, in whose studio the band put the finishing touches on. Pre-orders are already available at the shop.

Born To Lie

1. Born To Lie (Single Version)  
2. Born To Lie (Club Version)  
3. Black Dog (Exclusive Track)  
4. Born To Lie (Rotersand Re-Work)  
5. Born To Lie (Remix by Blitzmaschine)  


MESH put the finishing studio recording touches on their upcoming single "Born To Lie"