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Turn The Lights On

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Radiant Turbulence

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Those Nervous Surgeons

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Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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Radiant (Complete Edition)


Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind213

Release Date: 2013-08-30

available as Download and CD


Of Lust And Desire

1. Sculptor of Lust and Desire  
2. Hollow  
3. Passionate Pain  
4. Turn the Lights On  
5. The Void Let Me Go First  
6. The Comforter  
7. The Knife  
8. Reborn  
9. A River Runs Through It  
10. Fear Your Love  
11. Epilogue  


Of Lust And Desire...

For almost six years it was very silent about the norwegian future-pop-darlings Pride And Fall. After the scandinavian trio brought Future Pop back to life with their dark-electronic album “In My Time Of Dying”, the curtain fell for more than half a decade.

The three men including singer Sigve Monsen took their time off to be there for their families after they all became fathers almost simultaneously. But in 2011 the call of music became louder and Pride And Fall got together on writing new songs. More than two years in the making they now almost finished their album and are scheduling the release  of their new longplayer titled “Of Lust And Desire”.

To top off the long wait the first edition of the album will be released in a cool limitied digi-pack.