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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind212

Release Date: 2013-08-30

available as Download and CD


Dependence 2013

1. Ghost & Writer - Never Take Fire (Secret Mix)  
2. Covenant - Four Our Time (Demo Version)  
3. Pride And Fall - Hollow (SITD Remix)  
4. Acretongue - These Soft Machines (haujobb Remix)  
5. Front Line Assembly - Ghost (Alternative Version)  
6. Seabound - Nothing But Love (RMX)  
7. Decoded Feedback - Blasphemy  
8. Fractured - 10 Years  
9. MESH - Perfect idea Of Beauty  
10. Chrysalide - 2010 (Sonic Area Mix)  
11. Clicks - On Speed  
12. Encephalon - Desertropolis  
13. KMFDM - I (heart) not  
14. Skinny Puppy - Deadlines (Bratislava)  
15. Veil Veil Vanish - Exile City  
16. Velvet Acid Christ - Inhale Blood  


Dependence 2013...

The songs are one jewel after the other: The Dependent-Label Sampler Dependence has always stood for unreleased exclusive recordings from well-known artists and newcomers. And the new compilation that will be available on August 30th will certainly not stand in the shadow of its predecessors.

Dependence 2013 once again offers 16 rare high-quality electro and EBM tracks, and at 10 Euros the price could hardly be more affordable.First and foremost, included are songs from the successful bands of 2013: Mesh swept the European charts with Automation Baby, and contributed A Perfect Idea of Beauty to the compilation. With their single Last Dance Covenant also didn’t move from the top of the German Alternative Charts for weeks. Their song For Our Time in a demo-version is after Last Dance a second, wonderful taste of the long-awaited album Leaving Babylon. Front Line Assembly, whose new album Echogenetic caused a stir in the music industry long before it was released, contributed the album-track Ghost in an alternative version. Brand new songs and spectacular music from Ghost & Writer, Pride and Fall remixed by SITD, Acretongue remixed by Haujobb, Seabound, Chrysalide, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM will also be found on Dependence 2013Dependence 2013 offers an exclusive look at the repertoire of the label – new listeners can get an overview and learn about the featured artists of the Gelsenkirchen-based label. The tracks are not boring outtakes or remixes that didn’t make the cut on an album or as singles; they have been compiled exclusively for this sampler. Due to this careful selection process, the sales of this compilation have risen, despite the overall trend of declining sales of compilation albums.

It is a must-have not only for every club-goer, electro-fan and the followers of the bands represented on the sampler, but also for anyone who wants an overview of the current releases from bands that are germane to the scene. Finally, it is not only affordable, but is also a Limited Edition of 2000 copies.