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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind221

Release Date: 2014-06-06

available as Download and CD


Those Nervous Surgeons

1. Passenger  
2. Man in A Suit  
3. Lock Them Up  
4. Rats In My Bed  
5. Factory  
6. What Do You Want  
7. The Warminster Detective  
8. Burn  
9. Drone  
10. Keep Us Out Of The Way  


Those Nervous Surgeons...


The band appeared to be dead, but the cult lived on: 17 years have passed since "Shadowblack", Click Click's most "recent" studio album. In the meantime, the English duo, comprised of the brothers Adrian K. and Derek Smith, completely disappeared from view. This did not keep fans from raising high collectors' prices for the largely out-of-print back catalogue of the band, however, because Click Click have established and still represent a uniquely stark sound characterised by an organic frailty and depth, albeit produced electronically for the most part. It was only in 2010 when the brothers suddenly returned with a back catalogue album, notably titled "Lung Function", via Dependent. Furthermore, the band played a couple of live shows which proved that they are indeed still capable of giving a striking stage impression. In 2011, they followed up with the EP "Skin & Bones" featuring "Rats In My Bed", a cult song which had been unavailable for a long time.
Finally now, Click Click are going to release "Those Nervous Surgeons", their first album with new studio material in 17 years. The title used to be the name of the brothers' very first band project before they opted for the monicker Click Click. "We have come full circle", explains Derek Smith, and it is true: With respect to its instrumentation, the album sounds absolutely retro and harks back to the uniquely gloomy atmosphere as heard on old Click Click albums. Apart from solemn tracks like "Factory" or the intense "Keep Us Out Of The Way", there are faster tunes such as "Man In The Suit" and "What Do You Want" that remind to the very birth of the EBM-movement in the early and mid-eighties.
Dependent will release a regular 11 track version of the album in digipak format as well as a special edition, limited to 300 copies. This "Nervous Surgeons" box set features a bonus CD with demo versions of some album tracks and an extra goodie: Click Click singer Adrian K. Smith's first novel "The Eradication Of Hate" as an exclusive book. This utopian work addresses rampant censorship in an emerging English surveillance state, a subject also tackled in several songs on the album, for example "Drone" and "What Do You Want" as well as the title "Those Nervous Surgeons" itself.
With Click Click, one of the most original electronic underground projects is back on the scene. We are extraordinarily pleased. 




Click Click: Those Nervous Surgeons don’t fail to impress

Our favorite Brits, brothers Adrian And Derek Smith, aka CLICK CLICK had finally delivered a new album in June. It was the first new studio album in 17 years, to be precise. "Those Nervous Surgeons was an attempt to come full circle” as Derek Smith expressed it, to connect with their retro roots of their earliest material. Fortunately the press honored this approach and the albums sound, resulting in a few more-than-usual well-written reviews, which we partially summed up here:

„We get some ambient, we get some EBM, we get some acoustic instruments – but everything has a purpose and a place. It has a musical depth that I really lack in a lot of albums these days. Wonderfully done.” (Release Magazine)

“This sonic blend of this level of ambition and its consistency in quality has not been done for a long time.” (Beat Magazine)

“Those Nervous Surgeons is highly addictive, because it bears so much quality that just wants to be discovered. The temptation is to constantly press the play button of this wonderful record – again, because the duo crafted this material to be most cohesive. Artistic ambition and catchiness do not exclude themselves here.” (

“Album of the week.” (

 “Yet again, the Smith brothers dole out a hearty serving of misanthropic, darkly themed electronics and we, the audience are left with a series of unpleasant revelations to mull over. They could not have been presented or phrased more eloquently.” Santa Sangre Magazine, USA