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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind126

Release Date: 2007-06-08

available as Download and CD



1. 1023 (Given Time) 03:11
2. Rushing 06:21
3. Dont Know 04:28
4. Lost 05:50
5. I Am With You 05:24
6. I Cry 04:41
7. Shelter 07:22
8. The Gods Have Gone Insane 05:10
9. Meaning Is The Drug 05:12
10. I Dont Remember 05:22
11. Inner World 05:57




"Organic electro of the highest quality - nothing artificial...each song is a pearl with its own life, its own story. 9.5 out of 10 points" - Gothic Magazine

"Rotersand shine above and beyond the rest of the what electro scene has had to offer of late, delivering a fulminant third album." - Zillo Musikmagazin

"For the first time in their impressive career, Rotersand show themselves to be first-class songsmiths who can build and hold tension without ever letting up." - Orkus Musikmagazin

"It is already clear that any list of this year's highlights will include the newest offering from the trio Rotersand." - Sonic Seducer Magazine

"1023 is an awesome album with which Rotersand again shows to have a neverending talent to merge styles such as techno, ebm and popmusic in excellent songs with enough depth. This they do better than ever before on this new album. 1023 surely is one of the best electro releases this year." -