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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind104

Release Date: 2006-03-24

available as Download and CD


Bind, Torture, Kill (limited)

1. Bind, Torture, Kill 06:10
2. Bleed For Us All 06:22
3. Conspiracy With The Devil 04:45
4. Menschenfresser (Eat Me) 05:10
5. Dead March 05:46
6. Massaker 06:21
7. Torment Me 05:48
8. Godsend (Deceased Part II) 05:12
9. We Are The Sinners 05:48
10. F*** You Bitch 05:59
11. Rader 02:40


Conspiracy With The Devil

1. Conspiracy with the Devil (asshole mix) 05:24
2. Conspiracy with the Devil (R.I.P. mix by Virtual><Embrace) 04:43
3. Menschenfresser (Diskonnekted remix) 04:30
4. Conspiracy with the Devil (death-pact remix by Controlled Collapse) 04:13
5. Second death 05:31


Bind, Torture, Kill (limited)...


"CD of the Month"
"His best and most varied album to date" - Orkus Magazine
"Johan Van Roy demonstrates once again why he is Numero Uno in the Hellectro sector
- rhythm, power, vocals, and thematic concept" - Zillo Magazine
"Nearly every second is explosive and never boring. While I find most albums of this
genre to quickly become tiresome, Suicide Commando hold banality at bay with hit
after hit and a number of slower tracks as well, like a good controlled football
offense. I've never been a big fan of Mr. Van Roy's before, but this album changes
everything. Individual songs are difficult to pick out because they're all so good."
- Webzine
"The accuracy with which Johan Van Roy has married dense soundscapes with the
portrayal of the twisted mind of a serial killer is nothing short of remarkable.
Seldom is electronic music of this style as indicting as it is on the new Suicide
Commando album 'Bind, Torture, Kill'." - Webzine
"... it almost seems as if Johan Van Roy set himself the task of creating an album
that was club-compatible from the first note to the last. That the result lacks none
of the cold, abrasive brutality for which the project is renowned is a tribute to
the Belgian's songwriting prowess. Suicide Commando's supremacy in the world of hard
electro not only remains unchallenged, but grows more powerful with every release. - Webzine
"... Suicide Commando has delivered another phenomenal album that fans were
expecting, but weren't ready for. Bind, Torture, Kill has all of what is expected of
Suicide Commando distorted vocals, heavy crunching beats, raspy melodies, and
piercing high end. But, this album is different. It has an intensity not seen before
on previous Suicide Commando albums. This album is more 'in your face', like he
o.d.-ed on coffee, speed, adrenaline, and anger. The result is astounding...if you
thought Suicide Commando was aggressive before, you'd better strap yourself in
because you are in for one hell of a ride." - Webzine