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Psychogenesis (regular edition)


Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind124

Release Date: 2007-08-31

available as Download and CD



1. Introspection 04:40
2. Amnesia 07:23
3. Into the Night 07:13
4. Identity 05:44
5. Lucid Dreams 1 00:23
6. Fear 06:00
7. Stalkers 06:13
8. What Used to Be 07:56
9. The Place 05:48
10. Redefined 05:50
11. Lucid Dreams 2 00:20
12. Crossroads 05:26
13. Run for Your Life 04:28




"Ethereal melodies, virtuously arranged drums and above all the detailed electronic vocal effects are once again perfectly balanced and set the listener's imagination running wild like no other band in this genre" - Orkus Musikmagazin

"To hear MIAB is to take a journey into your own being. The third trip is just as good as the first two and will undoubtably excite the fans and win some new ones as well. Recommended!" -

" - the isolation of the individual. The new album "Crossroads" is proof that to let this isolated creative dementia go unheard would be a tragedy." - negatief

"An exceptional band in the realm of electronic music, one that understands how to coax from the computer fragile, melancholy soundscapes that get under your skin." - Zillo Musikmagazin

"The concept album has never been so perfectly executed and electro has never sounded so good." - Alternative Magazine UK