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Radiant Turbulence

mind221-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons

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Those Nervous Surgeons

mind222-Click Click-Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

Click Click

Those Nervous Surgeons (limited box)

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mind226-Pride and Fall-Turn The Lights On

Pride and Fall

Turn The Lights On

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Personal Revolution

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Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)


Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind100

Release Date: 2006-02-24

Digital not available



Septic VI

1. Dismantled - Anthem (Edit) 05:15
2. Pride and Fall - Border (Club Edit) 04:54
3. Fractured - Paralyzed Paradise (previously unreleased) 03:49
4. Covenant - The Men (Remix Version) 06:13
5. Stromkern - Stand Up (extended remix version) 05:25
6. - Lament For Lost Dreams (space.mix) 07:47
7. Seabound - Scorch The Ground (previously unreleased) 04:14
8. Encephalon - Responder (Remix) 04:37
9. Schwefelgelb - My Pornoshow 05:90
10. Klangstabil - Kill All Lifeforms (Clashed Edit) 03:58
11. Juno Reactor - Mutant Message (Full Length Version) 06:12
12. Controlled Collapse - Injection (previously unreleased) 04:30
13. Insekt - Lost Myself (previously unreleased) 03:59
14. Flesh Field - Forgotten Trauma (previously unreleased) 05:25
15. Edge Of Dawn - Elegance (On The Floor Remix) 05:12


Septic VI...


"A sixth Septic means six years of the best electronic sounds around. Compilation of the Month!" - Zillo Magazine

"This is where the hits are made, not copied" - Orkus Magazine

"Septic over the years has become one of the best compilation series that have ever been released in these musical regions." -