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Format: CD/Album

Catalogue Nr. mind152

Release Date: 2009-06-26

available as Download and CD



Homes & Gardens digital remastered

Homes & Gardens

1. Haujobb's State 05:44
2. Maternal Instinct 03:45
3. Yearning 05:00
4. Eye Over You 03:43
5. Final Race 03:52
6. Kilo-Cycle Respirator 04:70
7. Tame 04:10
8. Slugbait 04:47
9. The Flood 05:52
10. Homes & Gardens (MY-1) 05:27
11. Skull Fission 04:42
12. Mediaeval 09:50


Homes & Gardens CD2

1. homes & gardens (sleeping room mix) 05:34
2. homes & gardens (2009 Version) 04:26
3. manifestation 08:37
4. homes & gardens (optimized v 1.2) 05:37


Homes & Gardens...

Although only intended for a digital release originally, Dependent has decided to release a strictly limited physical edition of "Homes and Gardens 2.0", the remastered version of Haujobb's 1993 debut, in response to over whelming fan demand. Without a doubt, this stunning debut ranks among the top 20 electro/industrial albums of all time. In addition to a brand new digital remaster of the original album, the reissues comes with a special "Homes & Gardens" MCD featuring 4 remastered bonus tracks, including a 2009 version of the title track which has already found its way into the DAC. The booklet contains an informative look back at the making of the album from Haujobb founding member Björn Jünemann. Rounded out by brand new artwork, this package is an absolute must for Haujobb fans.